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Case Split Release Notes 1.943 - 2.16

What's New

  • Added a tab to setup detailing the other applications within the Service Experience Suite.  If you have those apps installed it indicates whether a new version is available. Click an app to learn more about it. Take the assessment to learn how to deliver the best customer experience. [Change 00185167] (1.945)


  • When splitting emails to a new case, any files associated with that email are also split. [Change 00185124] (1.945)
  • The Case Split page now supports field sets that include rich text fields. [Change 00191473] (2.15)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved an issue with Drag/Drop of related records.  If you drag an email over to the new case, the respective comment would follow. However, if you dragged just the comment over, the associated email would not come over automatically with it. (e.g. Emails and Email Attachments) [Change 00184145] (1.943)
  • Fixed issue where splitting a case would fail if the new owner does not have all required permissions. [Change 00184829] (1.945)
  • Resolved an issue where a Spring 21 update would have caused a transparent background on the setup header tabs. [Change 00189736] (2.13)
  • Fixed a bug where Custom Objects settings under the Related Object Settings tab would not be saved when in lightning. [Change 00190045] (2.13)

Known Issues


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