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Change Case Ownership Plus Release Notes 2.54 - 2.62

What's New

  • Change Case Ownership Plus now includes a new Lightning Action, which can be added to case page layouts next to existing publisher actions (such as Post, Email, File, etc.) [Change 00178480] (2.54)
    • This new Lightning Action has been designed specifically for Lightning Experience users, and offers a faster experience in changing ownership on both desktop and mobile.
  • When changing ownership, users can now chatter the receiving case owner and @mention other relevant users with additional specifics regarding the case. [Change 00182901] (2.58-2.60).


  • The user search bar will now automatically focus when the component is loaded. [Change 00186584] (2.61)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved issue where email notifications to a queue would result in an error if the queue contained more than 10 users. [Change 00180544] (2.54)
  • Resolved an issue where changing ownership would result in an error for Org where Case Teams were enabled, but Case Team Roles weren't defined. [Change 00181900] (2.54)
  • Resolved issue where opening the Change Ownership page in Lightning Experience would result in a "This page isn't available in Salesforce Lightning Experience or mobile app" error. [Change 00182104] (2.57)

Known Issues


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