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Changes to Google Chrome's SameSite Cookie Behavior and Internet Creations AppExchange Apps


You are preparing Google Chrome's changes to SameSite cookie behavior and would like to know the impact this will have on Internet Creations' AppExchange Apps.


Google Chrome's version 80 is scheduled for release in February 2020 and is expected to include changes for cross-domain behavior of cookies (also know as SameSite). Depending on your organization's use of cookies within custom components and integrations, this change could introduce issues for those accessing Salesforce via Google Chrome.

This change to Google Chrome is NOT expected to impact the features and functionality of Internet Creations' AppExchange Apps, which include minimal use of cookies.

More information on the changes Google Chrome is introducing and the impact on your Salesforce Org can be found here:
While the SameSite settings in Google Chrome can be enabled before the release of Chrome 80, we do NOT recommend it, as issues have been observed in the Winter '20 release of Salesforce.


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