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Create Opportunity and Quote Release Notes 1.38 - 1.46

What's New

  • Users can now specify the Primary Campaign Source for the newly created Opportunity within the Create Opportunity & Quote page (1.38), and the Primary Campaign Source will be auto-populated based on the most recent associated Campaign where the Member Status has Responded = True. (1.40)


  • Profile Settings for "Create Opportunity and Quote End User" have been added to the package and can be applied to profiles during installation. (1.43)
  • From the Create Opportunity & Quote page, cross-object fields will not contain any values, as the new records have not been saved, and thus the relationships have not yet been established. To avoid confusion, cross-object fields included in any Opportunity and Quote field sets will no longer be rendered on the Create Opportunity & Quote page. (1.41)

Bugs Fixed

  • Account is auto-populated when clicking the New Opportunity & Quote button from an Account. (1.44)

Known Issues


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