Create Opportunity and Quote Release Notes 1.56

What's New

  • The Lightning Experience is now supported. A new, lightning compatible "New Opportunity & Quote" button has been added to allow end users to access the New Opportunity & Quote page from the Lightning Experience. Jump to the Lightning Experience section in our documentation for some additional information regarding setup. [Change 00145085] (1.56)
    • Note: At this time, the "New Opportunity & Quote" button in the Lightning Experience is not available for Contact page layouts.


Bugs Fixed

  • On the Create Opportunity & Quote page, the user no longer receives an error "Invalid field AccountId for SObject Quote. Error is in expression '{!quo[quoF]}' in component <apex:inputField> in page createoppnquote:createopportunityquote" when including the Account Name field in Quote field sets. The field will not rendered as it is not editable. [Change 00121906] (1.56)

Known Issues


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