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Simple Survey makes it easy to create and send 1-click email surveys.  Sometimes you might want to choose a different distribution method than email such as Text/SMS and chat or post the survey in a community or social media. To do this you need to create and send a link to the survey.  


1. Get the record type id and fieldset of the survey 
  1. From Survey Builder open the existing survey you want to create a link for
  2. Click the last tab ‘Create Email Template’ and click the create email template button at the bottom of the screen
  3. If you get a popup that ‘Template Already Exists’ click the ‘Proceed & Create Template’ button 
  4. Click the ‘View Your Template’ button 
  5. Click the 'Edit HTML Version' button
  6. Hit Ctrl+F on a PC or CMD+F on a Mac and search for RecordTypeId  
  7. Copy the value of the RecordTypeId parameter into notepad 
  8. Hit Ctrl+F on a PC or CMD+F on a Mac and search for fieldset 
  9. Copy the value of the fieldset parameter into notepad 

2. Add a formula field to the Case object that will create the survey url for an individual case record
  1. Go to Setup -> Object Manager and select Case
  2. Select Fields and Relationships and click the New button
  3. For Data Type select Formula and press Next 
  4. Enter a field label and field name (example NPSurl)
  5. Select Text for the Formula Return Type and press Next
  6. Copy the formula below into the formula field
$Setup.simplesurvey__Simple_Survey_Setting__c.simplesurvey__Survey_Site_URL__c & '?ratingType=X&simplesurvey__Rating_Scale__c=0-1&RecordTypeId=YOURRECORDTYPEID&fieldset=YOURSURVEYNAME&lang=en_US&radioPicklistOptions=false&simplesurvey__Account__c=' & Account.Id & '&simplesurvey__Case__c=' & Id & '&simplesurvey__Contact__c=' & Contact.Id & '&Email_Address__c=&simplesurvey__Record_Owner__c=' & OwnerId
  1. Replace YOURRECORDTYPEID with the id of the survey you copied earlier
  2. Replace YOURSURVEYNAME with the fieldset value you copied earlier
  3. Depending on the survey scale of your survey, update the ratingType=X to be:
    • Thumbs Up/Down = 0
    • CSAT = 1
    • NPS = 2
    • Questionnaire = 3
  4. Press the Check Syntax button to confirm the formula is valid 
  5. Press Next, Next, Save

3. Get the survey URL link and test
  1. Open any case you want to use as a test
  2. Look for the survey URL field in the case details section
  3. Copy and paste the URL into a new browser tab
  4. Take the survey
  5. Go to the Simple Survey’s tab, change the List Views to All and click on the last survey in the list
  6. View the survey results 

Next Steps:
This URL is really long and not something you would want to include in a text, chat, community, or social media post. Check out this article to learn how to Create a Short URL using Bitly.


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