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Creating Parameterized Buttons and Links


Adding a custom button to your Case Detail Page can minimize the number of clicks to just one for scenarios that happen frequently. Change Case Owner Plus supports custom buttons and links. Though Internet Creations does not support creating buttons and links, we have provided some instructions on creating buttons for some common scenarios.


The Change Case Owner page of Change Case Ownership Plus supports the following URL parameters:
cid - (Id) The Case Id (required)
newowner - (Id) The Id of the user or queue to assign to this case
addmember - (Boolean) Whether to add the current owner as a case team member (teamrole required if true)
teamrole - (Id) The case team role Id to assign to the current owner
sendemail - (Boolean) Whether to send a notification email to the new case owner
template - (Id) Email template Id to use for the notification email
autosave - (Boolean) Automatically submit the form
These URL parameters can be used to create custom buttons and links that pre-populate parts of the Change Case Owner page. In the following example we will add a button to the Case detail page that allows one to assign it to the users manager in a single click.
  1. Under App Setup navigate to Customize > Cases > Buttons, Links and Actions
  2. Click New Button or Link
  3. On the Edit Case Custom Button or Link page set the following:
  • Enter Assign Manager for the Label field
  • Assign_Manager will auto-populate in the Name field.
  • Set Display Type to Detail Page Button.
  • Set Behavior to Display in existing window with sidebar.
  • Make sure Content Source is set to URL.
  • Enter /apex/changecaseowner__Case_Owner_Change?cid={!Case.Id}&newowner={!User.ManagerId}&addmember=false&sendemail=true&autosave=true for the URL
    • This URL is constructed by entering the prefix /apex/changecaseowner__Case_Owner_Change? and appending page parameters which can be assigned to merge fields where it makes sense to do so.
  • Your screen should now look like this:
User-added image
  • When you are done, click Save.
        4.  Next we will add the button to the Case Detail page.
  • Navigate to App Setup > Customize > Cases > Page Layouts.  Click Edit next to the Case page layout where the button needs to be added.
  • Under Fields click Buttons.
  • Drag and drop the Assign Manager button to the Custom Buttons section under Case Detail.
  • Click Save.
User-added image
  • You will now see an "Assign Manager" Button at the top of the case detail page.

Additional samples:
  • Assign Case to account owner
    • /apex/changecaseowner__Case_Owner_Change?cid={!Case.Id}&newowner={!Account.OwnerId}&sendemail=false&autosave=true
  • Assign Case to a particular queue and use a visualforce template for a notification email
    • /apex/changecaseowner__Case_Owner_Change?cid={!Case.Id}&newowner=00GU0000000sM9Y&sendemail=true&template=00XU0000000MXdgMAG&autosave=true
  • Select a case team member (no change in Owner)
    • /apex/changecaseowner__Case_Owner_Change?cid={!Case.Id}&addmember=true&teamrole=0B7U00000008ORMKA2
  • Assign to queue based on Status
    • /apex/changecaseowner__Case_Owner_Change?cid={!Case.Id}&newowner={!IF(Case.Status <> 'Closed', '00GU0000000sM9Y', '00GU0000000rL8X')}&sendemail=false&autosave=true


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