Creating a Custom Web Tab to Load the Hit List Manager with a Specified Date Range / File Size


By default, the Hit List Manager for Signature Slayer will list all images created in the last 4 days within 20 KB. These default values can be adjusted once loading the Hit List Manager. To load your desired date range / file size parameters on demand when the Hitlist Manger loads, please follow the instructions below in the Details section for creating a custom web tab to do so.


Versions 1.22 and later of Signature Slayer include 4 new URL parameters that you can use to load images within a certain date range/ file size.

The new parameters are as follows:

lasthours="number of hours back"
maxfilesize="file size (in KB)" 

Steps to create a web tab to utilize the new parameters.

1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Tabs.
2. Click New next to Web Tabs.
3. Ensure "Full Page Width" is selected, and click Next.
4. Assign your new web tab a Name, Label, and Tab Style, and click Next.
5. On Step 3, copy the following URL into the text area and swap in your instance:

6. You can then add your desired parameters after the "?", followed by &isdtp=vw. For example, let's say you wanted the Hit List Manager to display images for the last 2 days (instead of the default time window of 4 days). Your URL for the new custom web tab should look something like:

Note: To ignore the content type of which attachments display in the Hitlist Manager, consider adding "&ignorecontenttype=true" to the abovementioned URL.

7. After entering your new URL, click Next.
8. On Step 4, you will need to extend profile access for the tab. Once this is complete, click Next.
9 On Step 5, you will need to choose which apps the new tab should be added to. Once this is complete, click Done.
10. Test your new tab and ensure the parameters are working as expected.


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