Creating a Manage Attached Images Button on an Object other than Case


You are using Signature Slayer and would like to create a Manage Attached Images button for additional objects in your Org other than Case.


Starting in version 1.27, Signature Slayer now comes packaged with a 'Manage Attached Images' button on the Case object. This button can be added to your Case page layout, allowing users to access the Hitlist Manager and filter results by the individual Case they're working on.

Before starting, please verify that the desired users have the Signature Slayer End User permission set or profile level access to the RecordHitList Visualforce page.

Depending on your organization, you may want to extend this functionality for other objects where image attachments may be present, such as Account or Opportunity. As an example, we've provided instructions below on how to add this button for the Account object.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Account > Buttons, Links, and Actions.
  2. Click the button titled New Button or Link, specify a Label / Name for your button and select Detail Page Button as the Display Type.
  3. For Behavior, select "Display in existing window with sidebar", and leave Content Source as URL.
  4. For the URL path, specify /apex/icatp__RecordHitList?id={!Account.Id} and click Save.

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