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Critical Update: Survey recipients unable to click rating links for surveys received in Gmail


Hyperlinks for CSat (1-5 star rating) and Thumbs Up/Down in Gmail are not clickable.


In early December 2018, Internet Creations noticed an issue with CSat (1-5 star rating) and Thumbs Up/Down survey types received and viewed in Gmail, which prevented survey recipients from clicking on a survey score to take the survey. We believe this was related to a recent update to Gmail and updated Simple Survey (2.67 and later) to create new email templates properly. However, existing email templates for CSat and Thumbs Up/Down survey types need correction.

Please Note: This only affects CSat (1-5 star rating) and Thumbs Up/Down survey types. No action is required for Net Promoter Score (NPS 0-10 rating) or Questionnaire survey types. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Simple Survey before creating new email templates in the Survey Builder.

Affected templates contain an unexpected forward slash at the end of each of the "A" tags for the rating links in the HTML template. The fix is removing the unexpected forward slash from each of your CSat (1-5 star rating) and Thumbs Up/Down survey email templates.

Important: Updating Simple Survey will not make changes to existing email templates and will not affect customizations you have made to your email templates in Salesforce. This update will not enable the hyperlinks in previously delivered email messages.

Please review the following options to address this issue.

Option 1: Update HTML in Email Templates (Recommended)

In this method, you update existing email templates to remove the extra forward slash in the survey links. You do not need to adjust automation used to send survey emails. This is the fastest way to resolve this issue and preferred if you have customized your email templates.


Step 1: Navigate to Classic Email Templates in Salesforce Setup.

  • Classic: Navigate to Setup | Administer | Communications Templates | Classic Email Templates.
  • Lightning: Navigate to Setup | Administration | Email | Classic Email Templates.

Step 2: Select the Simple Survey folder to show your survey templates. Open each template to show the rating score being used.

Step 3: Click the “Edit HTML Version” button.

Step 4: Remove the extra “/” character at the close of the <a> tag from each of the survey rating links. There are 5 links for the CSat (1-5 star rating) survey and 2 links for the Thumbs Up/Down survey.

Step 5: Once you finish editing the template, click the “Save” button. Click the “Send Test and Verify Merge Fields” button to send a test to a Gmail account to ensure that links are now properly working.

Repeat the process above for each of your Simple Survey email templates. You should review any automation (Workflow Rules, Process Builder, etc.) to ensure you update templates that are in use. While not required, we recommend updating Simple Survey to the latest version on the AppExchange in advance of creating a new Simple Survey email template.

Option 2: Upgrade Simple Survey and Rebuild Survey Templates

If you are not comfortable editing HTML as described above, you can recreate your email templates in the Survey Builder and update any existing automation to use the new templates. If you have significant customization to your email templates in Salesforce, we recommend the previous option.

Step 1: Upgrade Simple Survey by visiting the AppExchange Listing. Click the “Get It Now” button and follow the installation prompts. The AppExchange will detect your existing version and associated license. For information on upgrading, please see the following knowledge article.

Step 2: Once the upgrade completes, navigate to the Survey Builder. Click the “Select Existing” tab and choose a survey that uses CSat (1-5 star rating) or Thumbs Up/Down survey types.

User-added image

Step 3: Skip to the “Create Email Template” step in the Survey Builder to generate a new email template.

User-added image

Step 4: You will need to update any automation used to send survey emails, such as Workflow or Process Builder, to use the new template.

Repeat the process above for each Simple Survey email template.

Option 3: Open a Case with Internet Creations Support

If you have questions or don’t feel comfortable making the changes yourself, we are here to help. Please open a new support case, include your Org ID and grant login access to Internet Creations Support.

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