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Critical Update affecting Change Case Ownership Plus - Action Required


On September 30th, 2017, Salesforce will be pushing out a critical update to all Salesforce Orgs that will block the execution of JavaScript in hyperlink formula fields. This change will directly impact the functionality of the Change Case Ownership Plus free labs application, as the special Case Owner field it has historically included relies on this functionality. Internet Creations has updated Change Case Ownership Plus to support this upcoming critical update by including a new Case Owner Visualforce page to replace the existing Case Owner field. Please see the details section below for additional information.


Once Salesforce pushes out the critical update, attempting to access the previously included Case Owner field will result in the following browser popup error:

* says: JavaScript is a security vulnerability, so it is not allowed in this hyperlink.

Internet Creations will be performing a push upgrade to get the latest version of Change Case Ownership Plus pushed out automatically to all customers. Once the latest version has been installed, customers will simply need to exchange the existing Case Owner field with the new Case Owner Visualforce page on existing case page layouts.

User-added image

Once you've added the new Visualforce page on your case page layouts, click the wrench icon in the top right hand corner of the Visualforce page, set the Height (in pixels) to 15 and check the Show label box.

Our push upgrade schedule for Change Case Ownership Plus is as follows:
Sandbox Push UpgradeProduction Push Upgrade
August 10th, 2017August 29th, 2017

To upgrade to the latest version now, please visit our AppExchange Listing, click Get It Now and follow the prompts. The AppExchange will detect a currently installed version and associate it with your existing license.

For additional information regarding the critical update, please refer to the following Salesforce knowledge article.


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