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Diagnosing the Root Cause of Email Loops


Email to Case Premium doesn't have a mechanism to prevent email loops from happening, but the Email Loop Protection feature of Email to Case Premium is extremely effective in identifying those loops.

Each time a case is created via Email to Case Premium, a check is performed to see if the Subject and Sender of the new case match those of a previous case that was created within a defined amount of minutes. If the match is detected, the Email Loop Protection text is prepended to the Subject of the new cases.

This article provides common troubleshooting steps and also clarifies the extent to which App Support is provided for email loops. An email loop is defined as an infinite loop phenomenon, resulting from mail servers, scripts, or email clients that generate automatic replies or responses. If one such automatic response triggers another automatic response on the other side, an email loop is created. Email loops generally result in hundreds or thousands of cases being created in a short time.


  • Are new cases being created, or are new comments and emails being added within an existing case?
    • If new comments and emails are being added within an existing case, you most likely have a workflow or a trigger running that is not part of E2CP.
    • Contact your Salesforce System Administrator to troubleshoot as this automation is not part of E2CP and therefore not supported under E2CP App Support.
  • Are new cases being pre-pended with [Email Loop Protection]?
    • If new cases are not being pre-pended with [Email Loop Protection], check your inbound configuration in E2CP to ensure Email Loop Protection is set to a value greater than 0. 
    • If a value of 1 or more is already set, it is possible that the subjects are different enough that they are not considered the same.
    • For additional information, please review our knowledge article on Fuzzy Matching for Email Loop Protection or contact
  • Have you configured your workflow rules and/or auto-response rules to not send an email when [Email Loop Protection] is in the Subject?
    • Review the knowledge article on Preventing Email Loops and ensure that your automation is configured properly.
    • Test your workflow logic and/or auto-response rules by sending an email to your routing address that has [Email Loop Protection] in the subject. If you receive an auto-reply, there is a problem with your workflow and/or auto-response logic. Because of the uniqueness and complexity of individual organizations' automation logic, Internet Creations cannot provide support for custom logic. To troubleshoot, contact your Salesforce System Administrator and refer them to the article entitled "Preventing Email Loops". Start with the exact logic pictured in that article as a baseline, and transfer your customizations, one by one, testing after each change.
    • If you do not receive an email response, your logic is likely correct. Contact for additional assistance.
  • The easiest and fastest way to stop a loop is to block the offending email address from sending any more emails into Salesforce. E2CP now has a feature called 'Blocked Email List', where you can add email addresses or domains to block cases from being created. So instead of having to reach out to your Mail Server Admin to block them at the Mail Server level, that can be done now through the Setup Wizard.


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