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Difference between Record Owner and Owner fields on Survey


What is the difference between the Record Owner and the Owner fields on Survey records, and how are they correlated?


The Record Owner field on the Survey object captures who (user record) the feedback is about. For example, when sending a survey on Case closure, the Record Owner field should match the Case owner.

The Owner field on the Survey object captures which user owns the Survey record itself. (The Owner field is present on all standard and custom Salesforce objects.) The Owner of Survey records will control which users have access to the record.

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The Survey Record Ownership setting assigns the Owner of the Survey records when created in one of the following three ways:

  • 'Survey From Object' Owner
  • 'Survey From Object' Owner's Manager
  • A specific User of your choosing

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To allow your users to see survey records about themselves, select the 'Survey From Object' Owner option.

To prevent your users from seeing survey records about themselves, select the 'Survey From Object' Owner's Manager, or select a specific user.

Note: For surveys built prior to version 3.00, the Owner field may be populated with Simple Survey Site Guest User.


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