Editing Existing Surveys


You are working with Simple Survey and would like to edit existing surveys that were built using the Survey Builder.


Certain aspects of a survey can be updated via the Survey Builder and apply automatically to existing surveys, while other updates will require either generating a new survey template or manually updating the HTML version of an existing template.

For example, a common request we receive regarding Simple Survey is those wanting to add, update or remove questions that they are currently using in an existing survey. This can be done via a simple change in the Survey Builder without having to generate a new template. The steps to alter questions in a survey are outlined below.

1. Navigate to the Survey Builder.
2. Select your existing survey name on the first step and click Proceed.
3. On the Configure Survey Object step, leave all settings as is and click Save and Continue.
4. This will bring you to the Add Questions step.
  • To add an existing question into this survey, drag and drop your question(s) from the Available Questions list into the Selected Questions list and click Save.
  • To remove a question currently in your survey, drag and drop your question(s) from the Selected Questions list into the Available Questions list and click Save.
  • To create a new question and add it to your survey, click the Add Question button on the bottom right hand side of the page, proceed with the remaining steps to create the question, and click Save.
  • To update the context of a survey question, click the Gear icon next to the question you'd like to edit. Once your edits are complete, click the Update button and then click Save.

For additional specifics on what can be edited in the Survey Builder vs what will require generating a new survey email template, please see below.

Attributes that can be adjusted in the Survey Builder and apply automatically to existing survey email templates:
  • Survey Record Ownership
  • Prevent Duplicates settings
  • Questions on Landing Page
  • Landing Page Logo & Background Style
Note: When performing an edit to a survey that doesn't require generating a new survey email template, simply click Save (instead of Save and Continue) during the step in the Survey Builder for which you perform your change.

Attributes that require generating a new survey email template via the Survey Builder / manual HTML updates to the existing survey email template:
  • Survey Type/Scale
  • Configuring Survey Object/Field Assignment
  • Email Template Logo & Background
  • Radio Button styling for Landing Page Questions
  • Subject, Greeting and Closing of the Email Template
  • Language for Email Template & Landing Page
    • Verbiage for your email template must be directly specified in your desired language within the Subject, Greeting and Closing when generating your survey email template.
    • For verbiage on the Landing page (custom labels, questions and picklist values), the desired language will need to be selected in the Survey Builder when generating your survey email template, and translations will need to be provided via the Translation Workbench. For more information on specifying translations through the Translation Workbench, please review the following documentation on Multi-Language Support.
Note: If generating a new survey email template is required to perform your edits, please be sure to update your automation to reference the newly generated survey template.

Please note, due to the nature of available email template/ landing page customizations, Vicasso may not be able to provide support for customizations generated outside the realm of the Survey Builder. For further assistance with customizing your organization's surveys, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Vicasso Account Executive to inquire about professional services. 


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