Email Template Configuration Options for Comment Placement


Email to Case Premium allows for extensive email template customization. Installation of the package creates an email template folder called E2CP Templates. Included in this folder are Visualforce and Text templates. Visualforce templates can be used to send emails without Contacts associated with Cases, however they can only be used with Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. Professional Edition users must use Text (or HTML) templates. The appearance of email templates is based upon the business's culture. As such, each business and/or individual business unit will want a customized look and feel to their customer facing emails. To do this, we've included options on our Outbound Configuration page, paired with custom fields included with the package, to combine for custom-tailored email creation.


First determine what your email will look like. Where will the most recently added comment appear in the email? Do you want the full history of case comments to appear in the email?
Included Fields:
1. HistoryText {!Case.E2CP__HistoryText__c} - This field contains the most recent 25 public comments with additional included formatting
2. Most Recent Public Comment {!Case.E2CP__Most_Recent_Public_Comment__c} - This field includes the most recent public comment without additional formatting
Included Features:
1. Exclude Most Recent Comment from History Text - This feature is on our Outbound Configuration page. When this option is checked, the most recent public comment is excluded from the merge field HistoryText, allowing you to set where the most recent comment is displayed through field placement.

A common use case is:
Hi Customer,


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