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Email to Case Premium Lightning Setup Experience


Starting in version 6.19, Email to Case Premium offers a completely redesigned setup experience specific for Lightning Experience users. Please read below for additional specifics.


Starting in version 6.19, Email to Case Premium offers a redesigned setup experience specifically for Lightning Experience users.

Highlights of the New Setup Experience:
  • Central location to access configuration settings
  • Type-ahead search to find settings
  • Detailed documentation along with the settings
  • Familiar Lightning look and feel
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How do I get to the new Setup?

The new setup can be accessed by navigating to the App Launcher and selecting "Email to Case Premium Setup." ("Email to Case Premium Setup Wizard" and "Email to Case Premium Settings" tabs apply specifically for Classic users.)

What new features are included?
A vast majority of the features & settings offered in the new setup are also available from the Classic setup experience. Key differences include:
  • Lightning New Comment Page specific settings (e.g. "Case Summary and Case Fields on Left")
  • Field Tracking within the Timeline

Along with the Field Tracking updates to Timeline, administrators now also have more flexibility on its display. Specifically, they'll be able to control:
  • Display of the Public and Private Comment buttons
  • Display of and the default state of the Timeline activity filters
  • Number of records to display for pagination

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Is the Classic Setup going away?

No. The old setup experience is available for existing customers that have users in Classic. New customers installing versions 6.19 or newer should interact only with the setup experience in Lightning.

I've already configured Email to Case Premium using the Setup Wizard and Settings tabs. Will my configuration preferences carry over?

Yes. Configurations made on the Classic setup experience will be carried over to the Lightning setup experience. However, there are specific Lightning-Only settings that require configuration.

Will future settings be available on the old setup experience?

No. All future settings will only be accessible from the Lightning setup experience.


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