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Email to Case Premium Release Notes - 1.71

What's New

  • Inline editing is now supported when overriding the Case detail page used to re-target the New button in the Case Comments related list. Prior to the Salesforce Spring '11 release this was not possible. If you use Case Merge Premium, or have added Visualforce pages to your Case page layout(s), contact us before upgrading.
  • A rough conversion to plain text is attempted for incoming HTML-only emails.
  • The Status field on the New Comments page is filtered by Record Type
  • The Trigger User Emails preference is respected on the New Comment page.
  • Preferences retrieval has been optimized to reduce load.
  • A formula field has been added to provide a more common format of Case Thread ID. The field is called E2CP__Case_Thread_Id__c is now used in the email Visualforce email templates included in the package. The output of this field is identical to the special merge field available only in Text and HTML/Custom type templates.
  • Fuzzy text matching will be used for Email Loop Protection. A score-based text similarity system has been employed.
  • Errors during attachment insertions from incoming emails are noted on the Case as a private comment.


  • Trigger to update Cases after Lead is converted has better support for Leads with multiple Cases.
  • Auto-create Contacts trigger has better support for large numbers of new contacts.
  • Auto-create Contacts trigger has more intelligent email domain to account website matching.
  • Case team and contact role creation has improved support for invalid email addresses used by spammers to avoid erroneous errors.
  • The exclude list preferences are applied to exclude Contacts from being auto-created.
  • The quantity and size limit of attachment sent from the New Comment page has increased to avoid "Apex heap size too large" errors.

Bugs Fixed

  • Canned comments no longer cause field validation errors when submitting the New Comment page.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a valid Case Thread ID failed to match up with an existing Case even though it should have. A new Case was created rather than the existing Case being updated.
  • Improved error handling during New Comment page loading when the User doesn't have access to the Contact on a Case. Instead of receiving errors, the User will be alerted with a warning listing possible causes.

Known Issues


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