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Email to Case Premium Release Notes - 1.74

What's New


  • The Default Account for Auto Add New Contacts (if enabled) is now required to prevent orphaned contacts from being created and the resulting record sharing/visibility issues.
  • A lookup has been added for selecting the Default Account for Auto Add New Contacts
  • The default Priority is used for new Cases if no selection is made within Case Origin Routing settings. Previously, cases would be created without a Priority value.
  • The Case Status field has been moved into a new section called "Case Fields" on the New Comment page. A future release will allow for Case fields to be added to the New Comment page.
  • Contacts with email addresses matching Users are no longer added as Case Team Members, only the Users are added
  • "Null" was previously displayed in the From: line of inbound Case Comments when the sender did not have a friendly name configured in their email client. "Null" is no longer displayed.
  • When an email is received with the To: address as 'Undisclosed Recipients', an error is no longer generated due to an invalid email address.

Bugs Fixed

  • In rare instances new Case Comments were not inserted for lengthy inbound emails on existing Cases when international characters were included. Case Comments can contain a maximum of 4000 bytes, but that doesn't necessarily mean 4000 characters. International characters sometimes consume 2 bytes instead of 1, and therefore the maximum possible Case Comment body may be less than 4000 characters.
  • The presence of a <Script> tag in the Case Description or Case Comments is now properly escaped and no longer breaks the New Comment page.
  • In some instances Closed Statuses were available on the New Comment page even when E2CP was configured to hide them.

Known Issues

  • The Case Page (Case Comment - New button) override is deprecated due to platform limitations and compatibility issues. We are exploring alternative methods in the absence of a direct way of overriding the Case Comment - New button. Please vote for this Idea.
  • The Service Cloud Console is not yet supported due to platform limitations. We are hoping that the Salesforce Summer '11 release will address these limitations.
  • Commas should not be used in Case Origin values. Hyphens should be used instead.


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