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Email to Case Premium Release Notes - 1.90

What's New

  • Add Attachments on the New Comment page! Previously attachments had to first be added via the case detail page and were then available to be sent from the New Comment page. When an attachment is added via the New Comment page it is automatically selected to be sent out via email with the comment being added.
  • Drag and drop attachments on the New Comment page is in pilot and not supported. If you have enabled "Drag and Drop Attachments" in Outbound Preferences, users with capable browsers will notice a green drag and drop area that attachments can be added to. With this feature enabled, user's with browsers that don't support drag and drop file attachments will still be able to the click the "Upload manually" button. Google Chrome 12 and Firefox 4 generally support drag and drop files while no versions of Internet Explorer or Safari support it. If you have difficulty with this pilot feature we recommend disabling it.
  • Add case fields on the New Comment page: Most standard and custom fields on the case object can now be made available for editing on the New Comment page. To configure this, see the section entitled "Select Case Fields on New Comment Page" on the Outbound Configuration page. Tip: To save clicks when changing the case owner, add the "Owner ID" field to your field set.
  • Create new cases from emails referencing old cases: If an email is received for a case that has been closed for a configurable number of days then a new case will be created. On the Inbound Configuration page you can select the amount of time that should elapse after a case is closed that new cases should be created from inbound emails. The closed case is not updated when a new case is created. Selecting "Never", the default, will disable this feature.
  • Email headers are stored on incoming emails attached to cases.


  • The "Sidebar Override" is a new method of overriding the New button in the Case Comments related list.
  • The Case Fields section can now be collapsed on the New Comment page.
  • Case Origin Routing now has an option for no record type.
  • Unchecked Team Member Roles will never be selected automatically on the New Comment page, even if the user toggles the Public or Email Customer checkboxes.

Bugs Fixed

  • Emails without HTML or plain text bodies (typically from voicemail systems) will process without error. This change will also help with malformed emails from IncrediMail.
  • Receipt of an email with a large number of recipients (>1000 characters, ~50 email addresses) would previously result in an error. The E2CP__ExtraEmails__c field for recording email addresses is now truncated to prevent errors from numerous contacts being copied on a message. This field is used to store the To: and CC: recipients from an inbound email record on the case so that they can be added as contact roles, case team members and new contacts, if those features are enabled. Any recipients that don't fit into the E2CP__ExtraEmails__c field will not be processed by the aforementioned features.

Known Issues

When using the Service Cloud Console, the New Comment page will load up in the same tab as the case detail page. Ideally the New Comment page should load in a separate sub tab and we are working with Salesforce to make this happen. The Case Page and Sidebar overrides of the New button in the Case Comments related list are not supported with the Service Cloud Console due to platform limitations.


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