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Email to Case Premium Release Notes - 2.78

What's New

  • Merge Fields in Canned Comments: Canned Comment functionality has been improved to allow case and relationship fields to be merged into Canned Comments and inserted on the New Comment page. The Edit page of the Canned Comment displays a list of available merge fields.
  • Memory for Additional Recipients: The Additional To and CC fields will now be set by incoming emails and automatically populated on the New Comment page. Similarly, on the New Comment page, values in the Additional To, CC and BCC fields are retained.  If an email address is represented as a Contact, Lead, Case Team Member or Contact Role, they will be hidden in the Additional To, CC and BCC fields. Changes to these fields will be stored for subsequent comments.  This functionality is designed to replicate email reply-to-all behavior without requiring the use of Contact Roles or Case Teams, yet it works well together with Contact Roles and Case Teams.  For more detail on how this feature works, visit
  • Re-size the Comment Box: The height and width of the comment entry box on the New Comment page can now be configured.
  • Public Comment Warning: An administrator specified warning can be displayed in red text when a Public comment is being entered.


  • Attachments are noted in the Case Description when an email with an attachment creates a case.  Previously, attachments on inbound emails were only noted in Case Comments on existing cases.
  • Validation improvements throughout the Setup Wizard and configuration pages.
  • "New Comment Personal" sample email templates are included that more closely resemble ordinary email correspondence. If you elect to use one of these templates we recommend enabling the "Exclude Most Recent Comment from History Text" option on the Outbound Configuration page.

Bugs Fixed

  • Organizations with Salesforce to Salesforce enabled will no longer receive 'Missing dependent object: Field: Case.ConnectionSentId' in the Setup Wizard and Configuration pages.  This error is a result of a bug in an older Salesforce API version and has been resolved by using a newer API version.
  • Account Matching in Auto-Add Contacts would not correctly locate Accounts without a www. prefix in their website field.
  • </script> tags in comments are now escaped, resolving display issues on the New Comment page.

Known Issues

  • If you are using the Service Cloud Console we strongly recommend testing this release thoroughly in your sandbox before upgrading your production environment.
  • Drag & drop attaching may not work in Firefox 7 and higher.


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