Email to Case Premium Release Notes 1.59 - 1.66

What's New

  • Setup wizard has additional validation to prevent common configuration errors (1.63)
  • Auto-Add Contacts will now attempt to set the Account relationship based on searching the domain in a Contact's email address against the domain in all Accounts' website address. If a single match is found, that Account will be used. Otherwise, the default account, if specified, will be used. (1.62)
  • Chatter support on the Visualforce Case Page: The Winter '11 release of enabled Chatter functionality on Visualforce pages. If you are using the Visualforce override we provide for the case detail page, and have Chatter enabled on cases, the standard Chatter components will appear on case detail pages. (1.59)
  • Improved support for Leads related to Cases: In version 1.58 we introduced support for Leads on the New Comment page. Version 1.59 adds additional functionality to allow a case to be automatically associated with a Lead if Contact does not exist with a matching email address and a Lead does. Additionally, if that Lead is converted to a Contact, their cases will automatically re-associate with the new contact if there is not already another contact associated with the case. (1.59)
  • Automatically Create Contacts: Email to Case Premium can be configured to automatically create a new contact when one doesn't exist. (1.59)
  • Case summary information on the New Comment page, including the case number, subject and description has been re-organized in a collapsible area. A preference is available for the default collapse/expand state. Additionally, line breaks are now displayed in the case description to improve readability. (1.59)
  • The case status field has been moved into the main comment section. (1.59)
  • email addresses are now supported. Emails sent to will add a private comment to case 123456 if that case exists. If the case does not exist, a new case will be created. In order to utilize this feature, your email server must be able to accept these emails and keep the To: address intact when redirecting them. (1.59)
  • Prevent Inadvertent Reopening of Cases: If you opted to exclude closed statuses from being available on the New Comment page, the status value will be rendered as non-editable text when adding a comment to a case that is already closed. (1.59)
  • ReplyTo Used When Available: When present in an incoming email's headers, the ReplyTo address will be used instead of the From address to determine the sender. This should allow for easier interaction with organizations that use generic From addresses but unique ReplyTo addresses. (1.59)


Bugs Fixed

  • Case Origins exceeding 38 characters are now supported (1.66)
  • Auto-Add Contacts does not run for Web-to-Case because of the lower governor limit set by (1.63)
  • "Case Origin Routing" email comparisons are now case insensitive. Previously, an email sent to would not have matched a setting of in your configuration.
  • Case team members are now added before case insert to allow Workflow to trigger an auto-response to those additional contacts or users if configured to do so. (1.59)

Known Issues

The case status field is not filtered by Record Type


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