Email to Case Premium Release Notes 2.0 - 2.53

What's New

  • Org Wide Address by Case Field: We have added flexibility to allow you to use any standard or custom picklist field (not just Case Origin) to control which Organization Wide Address is used when adding a comment and sending an email.
  • Add Comment from Initial Email: When an inbound email creates a case, the subject and body of the email are stored in the subject and description fields of the case, respectively. You may also wish to create a comment out of the body of the email just as future inbound emails ordinarily would.
  • Incoming Attachment Placement: Attachments on incoming emails can be stored on the case itself, the child email message, or both.
  • Template Auto-Selection Rules: Previously you could auto-select email templates based Case Status and now you can auto-select email templates based on both Case Status and Case Origin. Navigate to the Outbound Configuration setup page to configure this.
  • Team Members Roles: Previously all Case Team Member email recipients were included in the To: field of outbound emails. You can now configure defaults for To/CC/BCC based on Case Team Member Role and override those defaults on the New Comment page. Navigate to the Outbound Configuration setup page to configure this.
  • Exclude Most Recent Comment from History Text: The E2CP__HistoryText__c field contains a chronology of the last 25 public comments on a case that can be merged in an email template. By excluding the most recent public comment, you can use a custom merge field containing the most recent public comment, followed by merge fields for the sender's signature, and finally followed by the history text, to allow for a more personalized email template.
  • Most Recent Public Comment: This merge field contains the body of the most recent public comment without the Recipients stamp that is inserted when adding a comment via the New Comment page. This field is helpful for constructing personalized email templates.


  • Disable Account look up for Auto Add Contacts: If you have more than 100,000 accounts in your organization you will run into Salesforce governor limits if you enabled Auto Add Contacts. By disabling the Account look up, you can partially utilize the Auto Add Contacts feature.
  • The Setup Wizard has been simplified and Email Service and Routing Address creation is now largely automated.
  • The New Comment page now respects required properties set in the field set and database; previously fields were never required on the New Comment page.
  • The Case Comment History (E2CP__HistoryText__c) field is updated on incoming emails.
  • Person Accounts are now included in the email searches during Auto Add Contacts. A duplicate Contact will no longer be added when a Person Account exists with a matching email address.
  • Name parsing in Auto Add Contacts has been changed to better support 3 word names. For example, "John Van Doe" was previously parsed as First Name: "John Van" and Last Name: "Doe" and is now parsed as First Name: "John" and Last Name: "Van Doe".

Bugs Fixed

  • Template Auto-Selection Rules didn't work properly in version 1.90
  • Inbound emails with HTML encoded email addresses should no longer result in errors. For example, &quot;Smith, John&quot; &lt;; instead of "Smith, John" <> would previously result in an error.

Known Issues

  • If you are using Salesforce to Salesforce, contact us BEFORE you upgrade. We have become aware of a Salesforce bug affecting users with Salesforce to Salesforce enabled.
  • If you are using the Service Cloud Console we strongly recommend testing this release thoroughly in your sandbox before upgrading your production environment.


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