Email to Case Premium Release Notes 2.79 - 2.85

What's New


  • Included Text templates use the included E2CP__Case_Thread_Id__c field rather than the built-in Salesforce special merge field. This change was made because Salesforce changed the output of this field. This change will only affect new installations. (2.79)
  • Support for the new Case Thread ID format released in Spring '12. The old format is still supported as well. (2.80)
  • The "View All Data" profile permission is no longer required to use the Setup Wizard (2.80)
  • Removed the Self-Service Portal dependency for compatibility with future releases (2.81)
  • "Exclude Most Recent Comment from History Text" is set to False by default for new installations or when upgrading from a version that didn't have this feature (2.83)
  • Incremented API version in all Visualforce Email templates to v24 (2.84)
  • Resolved an issue with how org features are detected that prevented installation in Professional Edition orgs without API access (2.85)

Bugs Fixed

  • Cloning a canned comment works as expected. Previously an edit was performed instead. (2.80)
  • Loading the New Comment page would fail due to a null value in the Additional To field (2.82)

Known Issues

  • Drag & drop attaching may not work in Firefox 7 and higher.


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