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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 2.90 - 2.96

What's New

  • Contact Substitution: A substitute contact can be configured to satisfy Salesforce's requirement for having a primary contact associated with template driven outbound emails. Enable this feature by following the directions on page 1 (Step 2) of the Initial Setup.
  • Private Comment Emails: Private comments can be emailed to recipients with pre-approved / whitelisted domains. Configure this feature in the Outbound Configuration.
  • Pilot: Email Distribution / Closed Loop Emailing. Contact Internet Creations to inquire about the pilot.


  • ExtraEmails field increased from 1,000 characters to 4,000 characters to allow processing of 4X more email addresses on inbound emails.
  • Case Creation settings sort alphabetically by email address
  • When a case comment created by an inbound email is truncated because the text exceeds the 4000 byte limit, a note directs the user to the related email for the full text: (truncated, see original email for full text)
  • An unlimited number of email delimiters can be specified on the Inbound Configuration page. This is particularly helpful for organizations that receive emails in multiple languages.
  • Additional Recipients emails addresses are validated on the New Comment page. An error is displayed at the top of the New Comment page when a malformed email address is supplied and the user must fix it in order to proceed.
  • The Most Recent Public comment field does not contain the "From: ...<>" line at the beginning of a case comment. The Attachments and Recipients stamps are also not included.
  • The Additional To field automatically contains the Web Email address for convenience if the case does not have a Contact or Lead associated with a valid email address.
  • Custom tab names have been updated include Email to Case Premium for ease in locating.
  • Alerts are sent to the Error Routing Address specific in the Apex Email Service when a problem is encountered in the Most Recent Public Comment trigger.
  • The number of maximum inbound recipients has been increased by roughly 300% to avoid "554 System.Exception: E2CP:Too many SOQL queries: 101" errors on emails with numerous recipients.

Bugs Fixed

  • Canned Comments support using the same field more than once and allow for curly braces to be used as plain text. 
  • The private comment page no longer produces an error (Inserting new case comment failed: Attempt to de-reference a null object)
  • The Default Account for Auto-created Contacts doesn't require the System Administrator profile to configure it.
  • Inbound message processing no longer reverses the results of Case Comment workflow that updates the case.
  • The New Comment page properly selects the Lead when one is associated with the Case.
  • New Case After X Days and Email Loop Protection interact properly. [Email Loop Protection] was being appended on the Email Message Subject rather than the Case Subject when multiple emails were received against a closed case with Time Closed Until New Case Creation in effect. Email Loop Protection worked fine unless a case was involved that had been closed for X hours and you have configured E2CP to open new cases after X hours.
  • New Comment field set updated to remove custom field. (2.94)
  • A dependency (introduced in 2.90) between Template Auto-Selection Rules and Additional Recipient checkboxes defaults has been removed. If you had no Template Auto-Selection Rules then the Additional Recipients checkboxes would not be checked on page load (2.95)
  • Resolved an issue where fresh installs would receive a Visualforce error (Subscript is invalid because list is empty. Error is in expression '{!ExistingAddress[0].RunAsUserId}') on the first page of the Setup Wizard during initial configuration. (2.96)

Known Issues

None at this time.


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