Email to Case Premium Release Notes 2.97 - 3.24

What's New

  • All private (public = false) case comments can be emailed from dedicated Organization-Wide Address (eg. Add and verify an Org-Wide Address and select it on the outbound configuration page.
  • All inbound emails to related to an existing case sent to the dedicated Organization-Wide Address for private comments will be processed in private (public = false) comments.


  • The HTML Email Body is checked for Case Thread IDs on incoming emails. Previously only the Text Body was evaluated. (2.97)
  • Email loop protection has been added for the (pilot) Email Distribution feature (2.97)
  • The (pilot) Email Distribution feature can be disabled on a case by case basis by setting the E2CP__Disable_Email_Distribution__c field = True (2.97)
  • Error emails from the Most Recent Public Comment trigger can be disabled by manually adding a new preference. (3.00)
  • Additional Recipient email validation on the New Comment page will catch addresses with multiple special characters. (3.01)
  • Additional Recipient fields on the New Comment page will accept commas as a delimiter. (3.01)
  • All Custom fields have descriptions explaining their purpose. (3.24)
  • Case Creation Settings will use recipients in CC line only if no matches are found in the To line. (3.24)
  • The Most Recent Public Comment trigger can be disabled via a manually created custom setting. (3.24)
  • The custom Case field Case Thread Id now uses the Spring '12 format. (3.24)

Bugs Fixed

  • Corrected an issue where users would get a null error on the first page of the Setup Wizard. (2.97)
  • Inbound emails that create a new case with no body and only attachments no longer insert "null" in the Case Description field. (2.97)
  • Unchecking the Contact as a recipient on the New Comment page no longer removes non-whitelisted emails from the Additional Recipients. (2.97)
  • "Undefined" will no longer appear in the Additional Recipients after validation errors occur. (2.97)
  • A maximum of 999 Canned Comments will be displayed to avoid hitting a Salesforce limit on input elements that prevents the page from loading. (2.97)
  • Error messages during attachment uploads from the New Comment page reflect the exact problem with the file and/or its name. (2.97)
  • The Cancel button on the New Comment page no longer executes input validation, which could have prevented the navigation action. (2.97)
  • The New Comment page has been updated to implement functions missing in the javascript library for Internet Explorer 8, which may have caused Case Team Members to be selected when they shouldn't have been. (3.00)
  • The record type option of "None" is included on both Setup pages which have the Case Creation Settings section. (3.01)
  • The creation of Team Members after new Case insertion will no longer case non-selective query errors in organizations with more than 100,000 contacts. (3.02)
  • The Most Recent Public Comment trigger will run a maximum of of 5 times per execution context to prevent maximum trigger depth errors. (3.24)
  • Lead conversions will no longer produce a CANNOT_REPARENT_RECORD error when the Cases associated with that Lead have an inactive owner. (3.24)

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