Email to Case Premium Release Notes 3.25 - 3.29

What's New

  • Canned Comments support merging values for the current user. (3.25)
  • Canned Comments have a special merge field for including Public Knowledge Base links of articles related to the case. Configure your PKB base URL on the Outbound Setup page prior to using this merge field. (3.25)
  • The Email Distribution feature is generally available (with subscription). Contact your Internet Creations Account Executive for more information on this premium feature.
  • Canned Comments have a special merge field for including related Title and Description of related Solutions.
  • New Comment Actions


  • The current case status will be displayed on the New Comment page when the case is closed and Display Closed Statuses is disabled. (3.25)
  • Field level security setup is not displayed in Professional Edition organizations. (3.25)
  • The related Attachments list on the New Comment page are linked allowing users to view the attachments. (3.25)
  • Record Type is set directly on initial case insert rather than using a before insert trigger to avoid timing order of automation issues.

Bugs Fixed

  • Hidden elements on the New Comment page Case Team Member panel are no longer displayed in IE with compatibility mode on.

Known Issues


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