Email to Case Premium Release Notes 3.26 - 3.38

What's New

  • Case Team Members and Additional To, CC, and BCC recipients can be added through a type-ahead search. Both Users and Contacts are searched. This feature is automatically enabled. (3.30)
  • Case Team Members can be added or removed on the New Comment page. This feature is automatically enabled for organizations that use Case Teams. (3.30)
  • New Comment Actions allow for users to be taken to configurable URLs after saving a new Case Comment. To configure New Comment Actions, refer to the instructions at the bottom of the Outbound Configuration page. (3.30)
  • Canned Comments support including the Title and Details of related Solutions. HTML Enabled solutions are not supported at this time. (3.33)


  • To reduce the consumption of the Single Email Limit for emails sent using APEX and the API, some organizations can leverage the Send an Email page with E2CP. Contact Internet Creations support if your organization has reached that limit or is concerned about reaching it. (3.32)
  • The Case update operation is executed before the Case Comment is inserted, so that validation or other errors do not result in extra comments being added to the case. (3.33)
  • The number of comments in the History Text field is user-configurable. (3.36)
  • Record Types are set on the initial Case insert rather than with a before insert trigger. (3.36)

Bugs Fixed

  • Attachment file names are no longer swapped when uploading multiple files through drag & drop. (3.30)
  • Canned Comments with duplicate names no longer result in errors or undesirable behavior on the New Comment page. (3.30)
  • Email Loop Protection will no longer produce a null exception when workflow (or similar automation) sets the case subject to null. (3.38)
  • New Comment Actions are compatible with merge fields containing HTML characters. (3.38)

Known Issues


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