Email to Case Premium Release Notes 3.39 - 3.56

What's New

  • Show To and CC recipients at the top of comments from inbound emails. This is disabled by default and can be enabled on the Inbound Configuration page. (3.42)
  • "History Text Inc Private" is a new Case field that stores the most recent 25 public and private comments. This field can be added to the private comment email template to provide recipients with a more complete chronology of comments. (3.42)
  • New Comment includes an autocomplete box to quickly select Canned Comments. (3.51)


  • Richtext Solutions will be converted to plaintext upon Canned Comment insertion. (3.39)
  • Case Creation settings now evaluate the routing address an email is received through in addition to the To and CC headers. This is helpful in environments where support email addresses are BCC'ed. For more information, see KB# 000001189 (3.42)
  • Only full Salesforce license users can be selected as the Context User of the Email Service Address. This change was made to avoid accidental selection of Customer Portal and Platform users. (3.43)
  • The buttons on the New Comment page are disabled after the first click to prevent users from multi-clicking and generating duplicate emails and comments. (3.45)
  • The five main subsections of the New Comment page can be reordered. (3.45)
  • The type-ahead search for adding Case Team Members and Additional Recipients has been redesigned to prevent browser lockups. (3.46)
  • The Setup Wizard sends a test email to verify outgoing messaging is enabled and alerts the user if not. (3.47)
  • Inactive users and Chatter Free users are excluded from type-ahead search results. (3.48)
  • Email Headers can be saved on the Email Message object. (3.49)
  • Most Recent Public Comment error handling will now email the running user if they are a System Administrator and error routing is blank on the email service. (3.50)
  • The Content Type field for case attachments is populating according to the mime type from the inbound message attachment. (3.56)

Bugs Fixed

  • Additional To recipients are preserved on incoming messages. (3.40)
  • Case Team Members are added for newly created Contacts when in the To or CC line of incoming emails. (3.40)
  • Case Thread Id checking now strips out "mailto:" to prevent false positives from email addresses beginning with "ref". (3.41)
  • Case Statuses containing an apostrophe no longer cause issues with page behavior. (3.43)
  • The Additional Recipient fields on New Comment allow whitespace characters. (3.43, 3.50)
  • The private comment toggle works in conjunction with the Check Public by Default preference. (3.49)
  • The History Text Including Private field does not impact the number of comments in the primary History Text field. (3.50)
  • The Comment field has focus when the New Comment page loads. (3.54)
  • The Canned Comment edit page no longer displays errors validation errors when saving if a field is selected for insertion. (3.55)
  • An email address of 8 numerical digits ( no longer produces errors on incoming messages. (3.55)

Known Issues


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