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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 3.64 - 3.68

What's New

  • Forward to Case associates forwarded messages with the original sender’s contact by using their email address instead of the message’s from address.  When the specified character is prepended to the subject of an email it indicates the email needs to be processed using Forward to Case. (3.66)
  • Support KB articles that are not in the Public Knowledge base in Canned Comments (3.66)
  • Incoming Attachment Placement option to place attachments on cases with link to original attachments from email messages. (3.66)
  • Discrete routing addresses including option to generate email service addresses for each case creation setting. (3.66)


  • Added option to show From, To, and CC addresses in Case description. (3.66)
  • Additional recipients on the New Comment page will no longer be overridden when public is toggled. (3.66)
  • Public checkbox on New Comment page is no longer cleared when errors occur during saving. (3.66)
  • Case thread ids in the subject will be given priority over those in the body of the email. (3.67)
  • Drag and drop attachment upload for new comment page added for IE 10+. (3.68)

Bugs Fixed

  • Case ids ending in the text "ref" will no longer throw an "Ending position out of bounds" error during email processing. (3.66)
  • Error when selecting context user for email service in large orgs no longer occurs. (3.67)

Known Issues


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