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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 3.87 - 3.98

What's New

  • Receive Larger Messages:  With the Salesforce Summer 14 release, Email to Case Premium can process inbound messages up to 25MB encoded size.  Note that Binary attachments incur a 33% overhead so the practical limit is about 18 megabytes.  This is a function of how email messages are encoded  and applies to standard Email to Case as well.
  • We have added additional support for Record Types to control various aspects of Email to Case Premium. In addition to New Comment Dynamic Field Sets already available, the default email template, and organization-wide address can vary by Record Type.
  • Email Template auto-selection rules are more flexible because the controlling fields are configurable. The combination of any two picklist fields (plus Record Type) can control which email template is used by default. In prior releases only the Status and Origin fields were available. (3.90)
  • Record Type can control which organization-wide address emails are sent from. (3.90)
  • Salesforce1 / Mobile support: A Case Comments mobile card was added for the ability to view full comments in Salesforce1 from your mobile device. Simply add the mobile card to your preferred Case page layout(s). View the Case Comments by navigating to any Case record in Salesforce1 and swipe to the related page.  For more information, visit the official E2CP Documentation. (3.96)
  • Salesforce1 / Mobile support: Users can now create and send Case Comments from their mobile device using the New Comment publisher action in Salesforce1. Features include the ability to make the comment public or private, select existing email recipients, Additional To, CC and BCC fields, and support for Case Team Members and Contact Roles. Please see the Salesforce Known Issue below. (3.96)


  • Canned comment selection on the New Comment page now supports up to 1999 canned comments instead of the 999 supported in previous versions. (3.88)
  • Email addresses matching any domain entered in the Exclude List on the Outbound Configuration page of the setup wizard will be filtered from the New Comment page's additional email fields. (3.89)
  • The following special characters are now compatible with the type-ahead search on the New Comment page: ? & | ! { } [ ] ( ) ^ ~ * : \ " ' +  (3.91)
  • When Case Feed is enabled, and with the Case Feed Extension package installed, inbound emails will be added with a status of "New" instead of Read. (3.95)
  • New in Summer '14, and now in E2CP, inline images will be displayed when viewing the HTML version of emails. (3.96)

Bugs Fixed

  • The canned comment edit page is no longer limited to displaying the first 1000 fields related to the Case object. This corrects a regression introduced in the 3.86 release. (3.87)
  • Users no longer receive "Ending position out of bounds" error when submitting a comment from the New Comment Mobile publisher for Salesforce1 mobile on a case without a contact. (3.88)
  • Resolved an issue using New Comment page in the Salesforce Console in Internet Explorer. (3.89)
  • The Search Custom Email Fields feature now functions properly with Auto-Add Contacts enabled, and duplicate contacts are unlikely to be created due to Salesforce indexing delays. (3.89)
  • Fixed issue resulting in the following error when updating a case with a custom Lead lookup field set: "CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY: E2CP.AutocreateContacts: execution of BeforeUpdate caused by: System.ListException: List index out of bounds: 0". (3.90)
  • Resolved issue disabling canned comments when New Comment page sections were reordered. (3.93)
  • Inserting a canned comment after selecting a category no longer results in a "pg:addCommentF:addCommentPB:rptOrder:0:addCommentPBS:cannedPBSI:cannedComment_Select: Validation Error: Value is not valid" error. (3.94)
  • Resolved issue where Closed Case Statuses were being displayed despite the settings configured. "Include Closed Case Status" setting now correctly controls visibility of the closed status on the New Comment page. (3.95)
  • Fixed issue with inbound email handler that was resulting in a "System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object" error. (3.98)

Known Issues

  • Salesforce is reporting a known issue with the UI webview in iOS. When entering text into a text input field on a Visualforce page in Salesforce1, if the user taps again on the same field in an effort to the move the cursor to a different position, the keyboard input stops working. There is no workaround at this time. Please review this article for more information. (3.96)


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