Email to Case Premium Release Notes 3.99 - 4.00

What's New


  • Added a setting to automatic contact creation to ignore email subdomains when matching email addresses to account based on Website field. (3.99)
  • Created date on Comment List Mobile is now displayed in the current user's time zone. (3.99)
  • A private forwarding address will automatically be created when generating forwarding addresses for inbound routing email addresses. (3.99)
  • (Cases with over 1,000 attachments no longer produce the following error when attempting to add a comment from the New Comment page: "Collection size #### exceeds maximum size of 1,000." Only the 1,000 most recent attachments will be displayed on the New Comment page. (3.99)

Bugs Fixed

  • The "Set forwarding address for each inbound email address" option is now properly saved from Initial Setup Page 2. (3.99)
  • Fixed issue with New Comment page where default private comments selected as public have public checkbox cleared when required field in field set is blank. (3.99)
  • Invalid email addresses on incoming messages will no longer prevent creation of cases. (3.99)
  • Lead detection on the New Comment page will no longer retrieve converted leads. Additionally, the lead relationship will be blanked when a case's lead is converted to a contact. (3.99)
  • Extra white space in picklist values will no longer interfere with saving preferences on the configuration pages. (3.99)
  • When using IE8, the New Comment page will now display the template selector when the Public checkbox is ticked and the organization defaults to private comments. (3.99)
  • New Comment Mobile Publisher action now refreshes after pressing Save/Send.  Previously, a spinner would appear and the publisher would never refresh.  (4.00).

Known Issues

  • When entering text into a text input field on a Visualforce page in Salesforce1, if the user taps again on the same field in an effort to the move the cursor to a different position, the keyboard input stops working. There is no workaround at this time. Salesforce lists this as a known issue with the UI webview in iOS. Please review the known issue for more information.
  • In Salesforce1 mobile (iOS, Android, Web), when viewing the Comment List mobile card, words are broken rather than wrapped as expected.


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