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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.1 - 4.16

What's New

  • Case history text date, name, and header formats are now configurable. [Change 00107380] (4.13)


  • Updated Comment List text wrapping to prevent breaking words on non-iOS devices. [Change 00102319] (4.1)
  • Inbound emails can now be added as private comments based on the recipients. If this feature is enabled, an email sent from an internal domain to recipients that are all either Inbound Email Addresses or are on internal domains will be inserted as a private comment instead of public. [Change 00108008] (4.13)
  • Added new setting to automatically collapse whitespace of greater than two line breaks down to two for inbound emails. [Change 00108461] (4.14)
  • The New Comment page will now fully rollback changes when an error occurs while saving and sending the comment. For example, if an email fails to send, the comment will no longer be added to the case. [00108455] (4.14)
  • Comments created by the Add Comment from Initial Email preference will now be truncated with a friendly message notifying the user to view the email for the full text body. [Change 00110821] (4.15)
  • New contacts created by Auto Add New Contacts will now have their first name defaulted to a blank value instead of Unknown. If you have created a validation rule or have other automation requiring the First Name field, you must exclude the email service context user from this validation.[Change 00111150] (4.15)

Bugs Fixed

  • The Canned Comment edit page now gracefully handles validation errors. [Change 00106288] (4.1)
  • Template Auto-Selection will no longer choose the default template based on user field changes on the New Comment page if there are no rules defined. [Change 00107140] (4.1)
  • Corrected an issue preventing the New Comment Publisher Action from displaying in Salesforce1 Mobile. [Change 00107650] (4.11)
  • Fixed issue with Case history text including 'First Last' instead of the name of the comment author. [Change 00108359] (4.12)
  • Resolved bug where phone numbers were occasionally matched incorrectly to a contact. [Change 00109848] (4.15)
  • Session timeouts are now caught by the New Comment page and the user is alerted that they need to save their comment and reload the page in order to submit. [Change 00108458] (4.15)
  • Updated voicemail processing to remove call lengths before searching and added detected phone number to diagnostic information. [Change 00109848] (4.15)
  • Pasting cells from Excel into the New Comment box no longer causes an error with the attachment upload. [Change 00110885] (4.15)
  • Removed "From:" lines from history text fields on case when the sender's name was found. [Change 00110682] (4.15)
  • Resolved bug preventing users from adding and removing case team members from the New Comment page. (4.16)

Known Issues

  • When entering text into a text input field on a Visualforce page in Salesforce1, if the user taps again on the same field in an effort to the move the cursor to a different position, the keyboard input stops working. There is no workaround at this time. Salesforce lists this as a known issue with the UI webview in iOS. Please review the known issue for more information.
  • In Salesforce1 mobile (iOS container), when viewing the Comment List mobile card, words are broken rather than wrapped as expected.


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