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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.17 - 4.22

What's New

  • A new setting has been added to enable a reminder for attachments on the New Comment page. When one of the listed phrases is found in a comment and no attachment has been selected a warning message will be displayed reminding the user to include the referenced attachment. [Change 00111149] (4.18)


  • New contacts created by Auto Add New Contacts will now have their first name defaulted to a blank value instead of Unknown. If you have created a validation rule or have other automation requiring the First Name field, you must exclude the email service context user from this validation.[Change 00111150] (4.15)
  • Internal Domain settings are now available for Case Feed enabled organizations under the Forward to Case section of Inbound Configuration. [Change 00112149] (4.18)
  • Knowledge articles included in Canned Comments are no longer required to have the Public Knowledge Base channel selected if the Knowledge Base URL field is set on the Case. Now you can provide article URL to one or more communities by using workflow (or other automation) to construct a URL specific to each Case. [Change 00112952] (4.21)

Bugs Fixed

  • Canned comments that include related solutions will have whitespace in the solution detail preserved for non-HTML solutions. [Change 00111703] (4.17)
  • Emails addresses containing the single quote character will no longer produce an "expected token" error with Search Custom Email Fields enabled. [Change 00112554] (4.19)
  • "System.FinalException: ApexPages.addMessage can only be called from a Visualforce page" error when updating Case History has been resolved. [Change 00112708] (4.19)
  • Session timeout handling on the New Comment page no longer prevents comment submission in Professional Edition organizations. (4.20). This corrects a regression introduced in 4.15.
  • A "System.StringException: Ending position out of bounds" error will no longer occur when rebuilding the case history from comments that contain numerous extended unicode characters. (4.21)
  • Organizations with more than 50,000 users will no longer receive a "Too many query rows" error from the Setup Wizard. [Change 00113716] (4.22)

Known Issues


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