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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.23 - 4.26

What's New

  • A new setting has been added to determine how many columns the case fields should be displayed in on the New Comment page. [Change 00113297] (4.23)
  • A new setting can be configured to clone Attachments on Canned Comments to the Case. Cloned attachments will be selected for inclusion with the outbound comment. [Change 00113299] (4.23)
  • New Forward to Existing Case by Case Number setting that allows for emails to be forwarded to an existing case by including one of the Forward to Case markers followed by the exact Case Number in parentheses in the subject of the email. For example "Fwd: (00113300) Original email subject." [Change 00113300] (4.23)


  • Forward to Case now supports multiple forward markers on inbound email. [Change 00113298] (4.23)
  • Added support for the following from line format for Forward to Case: "From: Name <<>>". [Change 00114433] (4.24)
  • Deep links into Salesforce Setup now match Summer 15 URL updates. [Change 00115257] (4.25-4.26)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved issue with inline attachments not working when Incoming Attachment Placement was set to Both. [Change 00114304] (4.24)

Known Issues


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