Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.28 - 4.32

What's New

Updated all versioned components to API version 34. Please note that this means that master picklist fields must be included in New Comment page field sets whenever a dependent field is included.  Failure to do so will result in the error 'The dependent picklist 'Dependent field name' requires its controlling field 'Master field name' to be present on the page.'  [Change 00113966] (4.28)


Bugs Fixed

  • The case contact will no longer be added as a Case Team Member when a matching Partner user exists. [Change 00118884] (4.29)
  • Resolved issue where New Comment Actions would not redirect after submitting on the New Comment page. [Change 00119366] (4.30)
  • The attachment placement option "Case with link on Email" will now insert the link attachments with fully qualified URLs, addressing a behavior change in attachment download where relative paths would resolve to the local computer. [Change 00120223] (4.31)
  • User changes to the New Comment additional recipient fields will be preserved on subsequent page loads. [Change 00124804] (4.31)
  • Inbound email processing now explicitly applies sharing to compensate for platform changes that removed sharing. [Change 00125265] (4.32)

Known Issues


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