Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.33 - 4.36

What's New

  • Canned Comment usage will now be tracked. Three fields have been added to the Canned Comment record to track the usage count, the date it was most recently used, and the user that most recently used it. [Change 00125278] (4.33)
  • (Carried from 4.28 release notes for visibility):  Updated all versioned components to API version 34. Please note that this means that master picklist fields must be included in New Comment page field sets whenever a dependent field is included.  Failure to do so will result in the error 'The dependent picklist 'Dependent field name' requires its controlling field 'Master field name' to be present on the page.'  [Change 00113966] (4.28)


  • Canned Comment limit of 1999 records on the New Comment page has been removed. No limit is imposed by Email to Case Premium, but performance may degrade when large numbers of canned comments exist. Please note that this changed the way Canned Comments were queried and Sharing is now enforced.  Users must have read access to the Canned Comment object and read access to the Category, Active, and Comment fields. [Change 00125278] (4.33)
  • Updated generation of the History Text field to avoid selecting Site guest users when retrieving display names for case comments. [Change 00127591] (4.34)

Bugs Fixed

  • Following error fixed when attempting to set a long Custom History Text value. [Change 00125402] (4.33)
    • Upsert failed. First exception on row 104 with id ***; first error: STRING_TOO_LONG, prefval: data value too large:
  • Resolved "The apex class E2CP.ProcessMessage failed due to: System.LimitException: Regex too complicated" error when attempting to process large emails with the Collapse Whitespace setting enabled. [Change 00120403] (4.33)
  • "pg:frmMain:pbMain:j_id77:therepeat:1:ROUTING_ORIGIN_Text: Validation Error: Value is not valid" error caused by selecting a picklist value with consecutive spaces has been resolved for all settings involving picklists. [Change 00124648] (4.33)
  • Fixed issue with lines not breaking in Comment List Mobile page on iOS devices. [Change 00126103] (4.34)
  • When using the New Comment action on iOS, the keyboard will continue to function after tapping within the comment box. [Change 00127929] (4.34)
  • Resolved "E2CP Processing Error: 5.5.4 exception; common.apex.runtime.impl.ExecutionException: Ending position out of bounds:" error when an unknown email address format is encountered. [Change 00127550] (4.34)
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 4.33 where Canned Comments do not load if the New Comment page sections are reordered. [Change 00129110] (4.35)
  • Fixed an issue where Case Creation Settings would not save Priority values that contain spaces. [Change 00129182] (4.36)
  • Resolved bug preventing the selection of multiple word picklist options for the second field in Template Auto-Selection Rules. [Change 00130342] (4.36.1)

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