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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.37 - 4.40

What's New

  • Canned Comment Filters have been implemented allowing admins to configure criteria that restrict the Canned Comment categories available based on case picklist fields. [Change 00131490] (4.37)


  • A new feature "Enable Contact Reminder" will display a prominent warning message near the Save/Send button when the Case does not have a Contact and the comment is public. [Change 00129358] (4.37)
  • Case Leads are now included in emails sent by the Email Distribution add-on. [Change 00129356] (4.37)
  • Case Feed support is now included in the base package, removing the need to install an extension.  Existing customers should review this article on how to switch to the new components: [Change 00125708] (4.37)
  • A new "Add me to case team" feature has been added to the New Comment page. This option is available when the team member box gains focus. [Change 00133532] (4.39)
  • The Case Feed email template from the Case Feed extension package has been added to the base package. [Change 00135493] (4.40)
  • Users will no longer be added to the case team if their email address matches that of the case contact. [Change 00135181] (4.40)

Bugs Fixed

  • Forward to Case now fires when a comment is sent into a closed case. [Change 00114043] (4.37)
  • Resolved error breaking functionality on the New Comment page when Enable Case Teams setting was disabled. [Change 00135929] (4.40)

Known Issues


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