Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.41 - 4.49

What's New

  • A new Forward to Case setting has been added that, when enabled, will add CC'd email addresses from the original forwarded email to the Additional CC on the associated Case. This will help ensure that everyone involved in the initial email thread will be kept up to date on the progress of the Case. [Change 00137401] (4.42)
  • An Enable Email Preview setting has been added so that an email / template can be previewed from the New Comment page as it would be viewed by the recipient. Agents can now see how their comment will be seen by the customer.[Change 00138507] (4.42)
  • A new Enable Draft Comments setting has been added which will automatically save drafts on the New Comment page. Drafts will be saved every 30 seconds and whenever the end user clicks away from the comment body text input area. Then, the next time that user goes to send a comment from that same case their draft will be loaded and they can resume where they left off. [Change 00138546] (4.42)


  • Autocreate Contacts now recognizes names of the format "Smith, John A" when parsing the first and last name components for new contacts. [Change 00137339] (4.41)
  • Added new setting to enable searching Canned Comment text when type-ahead searching from the New Comment page. This is especially helpful for agents who may remember the content of a Canned Comment, but not necessarily the Title. [Change 00137402] (4.42)
  • The Answer Customer publisher action will now alert the user if it cannot load because email deliverability is disabled. Previously no error was displayed and the action was simply blank when opened with email deliverability not set to All Email. [Change 00138405] (4.42)
  • The Lightning Experience is now fully supported. A new, lightning compatible "New Comment" button has been added to allow end users to access the New Comment page from the Lightning Experience. Jump to the Lightning Experience section in our documentation for some additional information regarding setup. [Change 00140165] (4.43)
  • A new "Default Inbound Email Status" setting has been added to the Inbound Configuration which controls the default status that is given to inbound emails created by Email to Case Premium. Previously all inbound emails were set as Read if using the Original Case Layout and New if using the Case Feed Layout. [Change 00145881] (4.47)
  • If you are using Internal Domains to specify which email addresses can be sent private comments via the New Comment page there is a new setting which will include any subdomains of the Internal Domains and allow private comments to be sent to those addresses as well. [Change 00145712] (4.47)
  • Improved "Ignore Email Subdomains" setting for website matching to better handle domains with a country code such as "" and prioritized full domain matches over partial matches to ensure automatically created contacts are associated with the correct account. [Change 00146762] (4.48)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug where the manual upload button for attaching files on the New Comment page was not being displayed when the drag and drop attachments setting was disabled. [Change 00136130] (4.41)
  • Corrected issue where user names including an apostrophe would break functionality on the New Comment page. [Change 00138684] (4.42)
  • Addressed an issue where inbound emails containing emoji characters prevented case comments from being created in certain scenarios. [Change 00140573] (4.42)
  • Resolved issue with HTML encoded characters being used in email preview from New Comment page. [Change 00143228] (4.45)
  • Fixed an issue where an end user with limited object access would be prevented from adding a Canned Comment on the New Comment page and would receive the following error. [Change 00144341] (4.46)
    • "An error has occurred inserting the canned comment. Please contact your organization's administrator."
  • The text counter on the New Comment page now correctly adjusts for special characters that take up more space than a single byte. Previously, this could potentially have led to an end user being told they were under the character limit but then having their comment truncated anyway. [Change 00144979] (4.47)
  • The Preview Email button on the New Comment page will now properly load in the current comment when previewing a private comment. Previously the incorrect text for the pending comment was not being correctly entered into the template. [Change 00146520] (4.48)
  • Resolved an issue where end users were unable to utilize Canned Comments on the New Comment page when using Internet Explorer. [Change 00147100] (4.49)
  • Updated the display of the "Draft Last Saved at" message on the New Comment page to prevent it from overlapping with the comment body input area when using Firefox or Internet Explorer. [Change 00147082] (4.49)
  • Improved the Canned Comment search on the New Comment page to avoid a minor delay when clicking into the input box to highlight text. [Change 00147144] (4.49)
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to open a setup page in an organization with over 1,000 organization-wide email addresses would result in a "Collection size x,xxx exceeds maximum size of 1,000" error. [Change 00147336] (4.49)
  • Corrected the duplicate score calculation to prevent an issue where scores over 10 were possible when the case subject was over 20 characters long. [Change 00147951] (4.50)

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