Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.50

What's New

  • Email to Case Premium now fully supports Salesforce Files in advance of the upcoming deprecation of Attachments for Lightning Experience Users slated for Winter 18. The following new settings are available on the corresponding settings page. [Change 00145959] (4.50)
    • Outbound Configuration
      • "Display Existing Files From" is used to control which records are displayed on the New Comment page and made available to include as an email attachment. The options are Attachments (default), Salesforce Files, and Both.
      • 'Insert New Outbound Files As" is used to decide which object the new files, added via the New Comment page, will be inserted into. The available options are Attachments (default) and Salesforce Files.
    • Inbound Configuration
      • "Insert New Inbound Files As" controls which object type inbound email attachments will be added as. Similar to the outbound setting, the available options are Attachments (default) and Salesforce Files.


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