Email to Case Premium Release Notes 4.52 - 5.12

What's New

  • Rich Text capabilities are now supported on the New Comment page via enabling the "Enable Enhanced Comment Editor" setting on the Outbound Configuration page. Please see the following knowledge article for configuration instructions and considerations. [Change 00147854] (4.52 - 5.00)
  • Case Presentation Layer (a package historically offered as a separate paid add-on) has now been incorporated into the main Email to Case Premium package. Please see the following documentation for additional configuration instructions and considerations. [Change 00152358] (4.57)
  • Email Distribution (a package historically offered as a separate paid add-on) has now been incorporated into the main Email to Case Premium package. Please see the following documentation for additional configuration instructions and considerations. [Change 00152359] (4.59).


  • A new Answer "Customer Action Height" setting has been added to the Outbound Configuration page which controls the initial and minimum height of the Answer Customer action used in the Case Feed. [Change 00150555] (4.52)
  • When using Forward to Case you can now have the user forwarding in the email be added as a Case Team Member on new cases. Just enable the Add From Address as Case Team Member setting on the Inbound Configuration page and select a role for the Case Team Role for From Address setting. [Change 00140776] (4.52)
  • Added a new "Display Original Sender's Name and Email" setting to the Outbound Configuration page which, when enabled, uses the original sender's name and email address when sending Email Distribution emails. Previously, the email would always display as coming from an organization wide email address. [Change 00154701] (5.00)
  • In order to allow support for the Answer Customer case action when "Compliance BCC Email" is enabled a new "Enable BCC Recipients for Answer Customer Action" setting has been added to the Outbound Configuration. Disabling this setting will resolve the "If bcc compliance is enabled the bcc field cannot be displayed" error displayed when attempting to load the Answer Customer action. [Change 00147336] (5.12)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved an issue where the Generate Addresses button under the Case Creation Settings section would occasionally not create forwarding addresses. This issue mostly effected refreshed partial sandboxes where settings existed without matching configuration records. [Change 00150713] (4.52)
  • The Preview Email button will no longer fail silently when required fields are left blank on the New Comment page. Instead the corresponding error message will be displayed. [Change 00151530] (4.52)
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to send a private comment from the New Comment page on a Case with Contact Roles would result in an incorrect "Private Comments cannot be sent to the domain" error. [Change 00153427] (4.60)
  • Improved the Ignore Email Subdomains logic to support all country code top level domains. Previously, a number of countries were missing. This led to an issue where contacts would be incorrectly associated with an account with a matching top level domain (for example .hk) despite being an otherwise different domain. [Change 00153517] (4.60)
  • Corrected a flaw in the logic that is meant to prioritize standard email fields when searching for contacts with the "Search Custom Email Fields" setting enabled. [Change 00154742] (5.00)
  • Resolved an issue where Additional To/CC/BCC fields on the New Comment page would display a scroll bar due to computer / browser zoom settings. [Change 00155351] (5.11)

Known Issues


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