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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 5.16 - 5.30

What's New

  • A new setting labeled "Share Inbound Files Globally" has been added to help facilitate accessibility to Files outside of the record they were initially attached to. [Change 00157005] (5.18)
    • This change was made specifically for users of Email to Case Premium who are are using Salesforce Files along with our Signature Slayer application.
  • A new "Prevent Sending When Max Comment Length is Exceeded" setting has been added that, when enabled, prevents the end user from submitting comment from the New Comment page that is over the maximum length allowed for a Case Comment. When disabled, the email will contain the full message but the comment will include a truncated version. [Change 00157723] (5.20)
  • Case Presentation Layer has been updated match the Lightning Experience user interface. [Change 00157804] (5.24)
  • A new Lightning Component has been added for Case Presentation Layer.  [Change 00157804] (5.25-5.26)


  • Pagination has been added to Case Presentation Layer to prevent a large volume of comments from causing a "Content cannot be displayed: Response size exceeded 15 MB organization limit" error. [Change 00157025] (5.17)
    • This applies specifically to cases with over 100 comments.
  • When associating Contacts to a Case, if multiple Contacts are found with the same email address the oldest will now always be the used. [Change 00157905] (5.20)
  • Added last modified by name and date to Comment List for Case Comments that have been updated. [Change 00159598] (5.24)
  • Hybrid from addresses are now supported for the default public and private organization-wide email addresses. [Change 00159719] (5.24)
  • Images can now be pasted onto the New Comment page without the requirement of saving them to a referable location (such as a folder on a computer or online library). [Change 00160959] (5.24.1)
    • In previous versions (5.15-5.24.1), users needed to save their images to a referable location in order to paste them on the New Comment page.
  • When used inside the console, the New Comment page will now show a page saving spinner after clicking Save/Send. [Change 00161529] (5.25)
  • Adding a new comment in Lightning will now only refresh the subtab you're working within and not the browser tab as a whole. [Change 00161613] (5.25)
    • Note: Please ensure you have enabled the Salesforce critical updated titled "Enable the Lightning Console UI Theme".
  • The Comment List lightning component will now refresh after editing a comment. [Change 00163174] (5.28)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved an issue where the email body input box in the Answer Customer action would not resize if the "Auto Resize Answer Customer Action" option was not enabled. [Change 00156897] (5.16)
  • Adding or removing case team members on the New Comment page will no longer reset the TO / CC / BCC selections. [Change 00155508] (5.17)
  • Fixed a bug with the Solutions merge field in Canned Comments which were not respecting new lines when the Enhanced Comment Editor setting is enabled. [Change 00158860] (5.20)
  • A bug where using Canned Comments with the Enhanced Comment Editor enabled would lead to text between a '<' and '>' to be excluded from the Canned Comment text appended to the body on the New Comment page. [Change 00159472] (5.20)
  • Updated Add From Address as Case Team Member functionality to prevent collision with Auto Add Case Team Members which would result in the following error when trying to insert a duplicate team member. [Change 00158809] (5.20)
    • System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: DUPLICATE_VALUE, The member you have selected is already on the team. Please select another.: []
  • Resolved an issue with the New Comment page preventing the draft comment auto-save functionality from running. [Change 00159667] (5.24)
  • Fixed an issue where having an inactive community user with its related contact deleted would prevent new contacts from being created for that user's email address. [Change 00159780] (5.24)
  • When a comment is sent using the new comment page, the case detail tab will now automatically refresh to display the latest comment in Console. [Change 00158622] (5.24)
  • There will no longer be an extra blank tab in lightning with console navigation after using the new comment page in some cases. [Change 00158622] (5.24)
  • Resolved an issue with attempting to delete text in the Search Comments option within Case Presentation Layer. [Change 00161289] (5.24.1)
  • Sending file attachments via the New Comment page with a file extension in the Title will no longer cause the file extension to be duplicated in the outbound email message attachment. [00162588] (5.27)
  • Improved Comment List searching to avoid missing results. [Change 00162756] (5.28)
  • Updated sorting to ensure that Case Comments are always displayed in the proper order on the New Comment page. [Change 00164748] (5.29)

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