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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 5.39 - 5.41.4

What's New

  • Added a new "Reference to Original Case" setting allowing you to configure how the original Case should be referenced by new Cases created because the "Time Closed Until New Case Creation" time frame has elapsed. Options include setting the Parent Case field, add a Case Comment, both, and neither. [Change 00160799] (5.39)


  • Opening the New Comment page from the Salesforce mobile app will now redirect you to the New Comment Mobile page. [Change 00170343] (5.39)
  • Removed references to Case Subject so that it can be encrypted via Shield Platform Encryption. [Change 00172458] (5.39-5.41)
  • Updated Forward to Case original sender detection to support multiple languages. Simply update your Email Delimiters to include the translations of 'From' to detect sender's in those languages. [Change 00174363] (5.41)
  • Files added on the New Comment page will now be added with visibility set to AllUsers, allowing for access within a customer community. [Change 00178409] (5.41.4)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved an issue where toggling between private and public on the New Comment page could result in recipient checkboxes being unintentionally checked. [Change 00169894] (5.39)
  • Updated the Comment List to ensure that the formatting of the HTML email body displayed matches the HTML version on the Email Message record. [Change 00171849] (5.39)
  • Fixed an issue where the Preview Email link on the Comment List would not include the full email. [Change 00172049] (5.39)
  • The New Comment Mobile page will no longer remove new lines when sending an email. This would previously occur only if the "Enable Enhanced Comment Editor" setting was enabled. [Change 00173638] (5.39)
  • Error emails will no longer be sent with an error like the following when performing a standard Salesforce case merge. [Change 00173888] (5.39)
SELF_REFERENCE_FROM_TRIGGER: Object 5000g000027uSVPAA2 is currently in a merge operation, therefore a trigger can not update it.
  • Updated rich text editor to prevent Salesforce from removing indented styling. [Change 00173894] (5.39)
  • Resolved an issue where opening the New Comment page from the Comment List in the mobile app would not redirect to the mobile version of the page. [Change 00174125] (5.41)
  • Restored Case Owner field for accessibility in the "New Comment Case Fields" field set. [Change 00175501] (5.41.1)
  • Case detail page in Lightning will now refresh with updated field values after values are updated on the New Comment page. [Change 00175200] (5.41.3)
  • Fixed issue where the "Prevent Sending When Max Comment Length is Exceeded" setting was not being enforced, allowing comments larger than 4000 characters. [Change 00177393] (5.41.3)
  • Fixed issue where inserting a canned comment in Orgs containing a large number of custom objects resulted in an Apex CPU time limit exceeded error. [Change 00178196] (5.41.4)

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