Email to Case Premium Release Notes 5.42 - 6.15

What's New

  • The New Comment page has been updated with the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS). [Change 00157802] (5.42 - 6.0)
  • The New Comment page and Timeline have been mobile optimized. [Change 00162510] (5.55-6.0)


  • When using the SLDS New Comment page, administrators can customize the fields displayed in the Case Summary section. [Change 00157802] (5.42)
  • Files added on the Classic New Comment page will now be set with a visibility of "All Users", allowing community users to access these documents. [Change 00178409] (5.53) 
  • Optimizations have been made to how Email to Case Premium strips white-space from comments created by inbound emails. [Change 00179128] (6.11)
  • Files added on the SLDS New Comment page will now be set with community visibility depending on the Public/Private status. Files attached to public comments will be available for community users, while those attached to Private comments will not be accessible. [Change 00178680] (6.15).

Bugs Fixed

  • The reply address will no longer be unexpectedly added as a case team member in some cases. This avoids an email loop when distribution is enabled. [Change 00175062] (5.49)
  • Using canned comments with linked knowledge articles will no longer fail to insert in organizations having several hundred custom objects. [Change 00178196] (5.51)
  • While using the new comment page, pasting in and editing a very large comment will no longer break the character count and "Prevent Sending When Max Comment Length is Exceeded" features. [Change 00178463] (5.52)
  • Resolved issue where Save/Send buttons would remain disabled after encountering an error regarding exceeding max character count. [Change 00178463] (5.53)
  • Resolved issue where New Comment page spinner would load indefinitely after clicking the Save/Send button [Change 00178677] (5.54)
  • Case Creating email in Timeline will no longer display next to private comment inserted from Time Closed Until New Case Creation feature [Change 00178862] (6.0)
  • Resolved issue where Canned Comment attachments were not inserted into the Message Attachments section on the SLDS New Comment page. [Change 00179116] (6.11)
  • Resolved issue where the template selection section was not adjusting if the comment is marked as Private. [Change 00179666] (6.13)
  • When using Auto-Add New Contacts in combination with Forward to Case, Contacts will now properly be created for email addresses containing an apostrophe. [Change 00180437] (6.14)
  • When using Timeline in Salesforce Classic, clicking Enter when focused in Timeline will no longer unexpectedly open the New Comment page. [Change 00180621] (6.14)
  • Users will no longer receive the following error when sending a comment in Spring 20 release Orgs: "An unknown error has occurred (message was not sent). Error Details: Last Step = submit, Error =". [Change 00180657] (6.14)
  • When using the SLDS New Comment page in Firefox, the cursor on input fields such as To/CC/BCC will no longer be misaligned.[Change 00180295] (6.14)
  • Sending in an email to a closed case will no longer leave empty brackets in the subject when a new case is created per the Time Closed Until New Case Creation setting. [Change 00181082] (6.15)
  • The Timeline component will now respect the Edit Case Comments permission. [Change 00180813] (6.15)
  • While using the SLDS New Comment page the To, CC, and BCC fields will now allow input for the contact search on iOS devices. [Change 00181249] (6.15)
  • While using the SLDS New Comment page in lightning with console navigation a "Cannot read property 'then' of undefined" error will no longer display. [Change 00181259] (6.15)

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