Email to Case Premium Release Notes 6.16 - 6.26

What's New

  • Email to Case Premium now offers a completely redesigned setup experience specific for Lightning Experience users. [Change 00157803] (6.17-6.19)
  • New Comment Actions are now supported on the Lightning New Comment page. Since Lightning URLs may differ, a new Lightning URL field was added to the New Comment Action object and the old URL field was renamed to Classic URL for the classic New Comment page. [Change 00180497] (6.17)
  • Timeline preferences such as button/filter defaults can now be configured while editing your Case Page Layout in Lightning. [Change 00160797] (6.17)
  • Multiple emails (colon or comma separated) can now be pasted into the LWC New Comment page at the same time. [Change 00182204] (6.18)
  • Users with access to Case Split can now split a new case from any Case Comment in the Timeline from Lightning [Change 00182915] (6.21)
  • A new Inbound Email Timing preference has been added which will populate the Latest Inbound Email Timing field on Case. This field can be referenced by local automation to send notifications when Outside of Business Hours or Holidays that overlap Business Hours. [Change 00182916] (6.23)
  • A new Status for Closed Case Updates setting has been added which will update Case Status when an inbound email is received on a closed Case. [Change 00182932] (6.25)
  • Users with Signature Slayer can now Slay images directly from the Timeline Lightning component [Change 00182914] (6.25)


  • The substitute contact email will no longer appear in the recipients list or receive an email on outgoing comments for cases without a contact or in email distribution. [Change 00181750] (6.17)
  • HTML only inbound emails will now also respect delimiters when the associated comment is created. [Change 00181524] (6.17)
  • Additional notifications and improved recipient backspace handling have been added to the Lightning New Comment page. [Change 00182523] (6.19)
  • Case comment recipients list is now split into To: and CC: [Change 00183120] (6.23).
  • Inline images on new inbound emails will now create a publicly accessible URL in the case description and Timeline when Insert New Inbound Files As is set to Salesforce Files in setup. [Change 00183710] (6.23)
  • Timeline will now display a message when a license is required instead of displaying with no records to avoid confusion. [Change 00181252] (6.23)

Bugs Fixed

  • Outbound Email Message records created by the lightning new comment page will now include the Case Contact's email address. [Change 00181399] (6.16)
  • Editing a comment in the Lightning New Comment page after using a canned comment will no longer cause the scrolling to jump in some cases. [Change 00181752] (6.17)
  • After sending a comment on the New Comment page in lightning with console navigation the page title will correctly update back to the case number. [Change 00181526] (6.17)
  • While using the Lightning New Comment page, collapsing and re-expanding the Case Details sidebar will no longer revert unsaved field updates. [Change 00182204] (6.18)
  • Adding dependent picklist to the Edit Fields section of the new comment page without its controlling field will no longer cause an error but will instead show a warning notification. [Change 00183047] (6.21)
  • Fixed an issue in Lightning Console where opening a new case from salesforce global search while in the New Comment page would load the case with the incorrect comments. [Change 00183861] (6.23)

Known Issues


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