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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 6.27 - 6.37

What's New

  • Email to Case Premium users who also have a license to Signature Slayer  can now slay images directly from the Timeline. The setting is configurable within the Timeline preferences in Email to Case Premium's setup. [Change 00184026] (6.27)
  • Enhancements have been made to the Draft Comments feature. Along with saving the comment draft, drafts will also automatically save Public/Private status, recipients (and ordering), attached files, template selected, and field updates. [Change 00182192] (6.27)
    • When previous drafts are loaded on the New Comment page, fields which have previously been updated will be noted on the page.

Please Note: Updates listed above apply for Lightning Experience users only.


  • While using the Lightning New Comment page, editable fields shown in Case Details will now respect field-set required fields. [Change 00184397] (6.27)
  • Organizations with more than 200,000 Contacts or Accounts should now be able to use the "Enable Voicemail Processing" and "Enable Account Lookup" settings. [Change 00184245] (6.29)
  • The LWC New Comment page will no longer add prior private comment recipients to the recipients list by default when sending a public comment [Change 00184617] (6.29).

Bugs Fixed

  • 6.23 introduced an issue where email attachments started being listed at the top of Case Comments twice when an email was received by E2CP. [Change 00184527] (6.29)
  • Attachments will no longer build up on the top of the case description when additional comments with attachments are received. This was also related to a change in 6.23. [Change 00184867] (6.30)
  • Dragging and dropping a recipient on the Lightning New Comment page in Firefox will no longer result in a "modifications are not allowed for this document" error. [Change 00185010] (6.31)
  • Clicking off of the rich comment editor after making an edit in the new comment page will perform an auto-save in Firefox [Change 00185010] (6.31)
  • A security related update to the classic Timeline in 6.27 caused a Salesforce System Error for some messages when clicking the HTML Preview link and has been resolved. [Change 00185029] (6.32)
  • Copying a comment from the Comments list of the Lightning New Comment page and pasting into the rich comment editor will now preserve line breaks. [Change 00185053] (6.32)
  • Inserting an inline image when creating a Canned Comment will no longer result in an error. [Change 00185161] (6.33)
  • Fixed issue where preview email would add extra spaces between lines [Change 00185137] (6.35)
  • Opening the New Comment page in Lightning Console will no longer rename the case tab and display Loading for the New Comment Tab. [Change 00186051] (6.35)
  • The New Comment page will no longer fail to load in Lightning Console for some organizations. [Change 00186010] (6.36-6.37)

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