Email to Case Premium Release Notes 6.27 - 6.46

What's New

  • Email to Case Premium users who also have a license to Signature Slayer  can now slay images directly from the Timeline. The setting is configurable within the Timeline preferences in Email to Case Premium's setup. [Change 00184026] (6.27)
  • Enhancements have been made to the Draft Comments feature. Along with saving the comment draft, drafts will also automatically save Public/Private status, recipients (and ordering), attached files, template selected, and field updates. [Change 00182192] (6.27)
    • When previous drafts are loaded on the New Comment page, fields which have previously been updated will be noted on the page.
  • A new Widespread Issues feature has been added, providing a streamlined approach for tracking and communicating on issues that affect multiple customers. [Change 00184748] (6.38)
    • Using the packaged Lightning Component, agents can report new issues, review and suggest solutions, and view active issues while working new cases.
    • Support team managers can manage the Widespread Issue record, understand the impact and broadcast updates to all those who are affected.
  • A new "Enable Contact Creation for Additional Recipients" setting has been added for inbound messages and is enabled by default (if contact creation is enabled). Disabling this new setting allows for the option of only creating a contact for the original sender instead of also including additional recipients on the email. [Change 00185560] (6.39)
  • A new "Blocked Email List" setting has been added to prevent case creation or updates from known spam addresses. [Change 00185581] (6.39)
  • On the Lightning New Comment page, additional recipients can now be included in the To field by typing "@User or Contact Name" in the message body and selecting a search result from the drop-down. [Change 00185561] (6.40)
  • A new section for Widespread Issue Solutions has been added to the lightning New Comment page for Cases when Widespread issues are enabled in Setup and the Case is related to a Widespread Issue. [Change 00187348] (6.43)
  • While viewing the lightning New Comment Page on a case associated to a Widespread Issue, the Comments section will now include a tab for Widespread Issue Comments. [Change 00187347] (6.43).
  • A new preference on the Inbound Email Addresses section has been added to assign a default Owner for Cases created via an email sent to the corresponding address. [Change 00188354] (6.45).
    • Owners set via Case Assignment Rules and/or Local Automation will override the Owner configured in this setting.
  • The Enhanced Comment Editor on the New Comment page now provides an option for capturing and inserting an inline screenshot to your message. [Change 00187881] (6.46)
  • A new "Search Custom URL Fields" setting has been added to Email to Case Premium Setup for the Account Lookup portion of the Auto Add New Contact feature. [Change 00188362] (6.46)

Please Note: Updates listed above apply for Lightning Experience users only.


  • While using the Lightning New Comment page, editable fields shown in Case Details will now respect field-set required fields. [Change 00184397] (6.27)
  • Organizations with more than 200,000 Contacts or Accounts should now be able to use the "Enable Voicemail Processing" and "Enable Account Lookup" settings. [Change 00184245] (6.29)
  • The LWC New Comment page will no longer add prior private comment recipients to the recipients list by default when sending a public comment [Change 00184617] (6.29).
  • The LWC New Comment page has been updated to split out the Case Summary from Case Details (field updates) into independent sections when "Case Summary and Case Fields on Left" is disabled. [Change 00185580] (6.29)
  • A notification will now display on the LWC New Comment Page if a draft was already started by another user [Change 00185812] (6.42)
  • A notification will now display on the LWC New Comment Page if a comment gets added while composing a draft [Change 00185778] (6.42)
  • Canned Comments can now be used on the Widespread Issue New Comment page [Change 00187346] (6.43)
  • Emails sent in via Reply-All to Email to Case Premium will now attach to the existing case instead of creating a new one [Change 00186403] (6.43)
  • While using the Widespread Issue New Comment page, one can now preview outgoing emails for specific cases [Change 00187679] (6.44)
  • The Lightning New Comment page has been updated so that all long text fields with a lot of text in Case Details will display a Show More link the same way it does for Case Description in prior versions [Change 00186857] (6.44).
  • Auto-response rules will no longer be triggered for cases created via E2CP that are flagged with Email Loop Protection. [Change 00188359] (6.45).
  • While using the preview function of the Lightning New Comment page, the from address will now be displayed in the preview. [Change 00188358] (6.45).
  • A new "New Comment Page Attachment Placement" setting has been added to control attachment placement when sending an email via Lightning New Comment. [Change 00188360] (6.45)
  • The "Enable Private Comments Based on Recipients" setting will now rely on the Reply To address instead of From address in determining if the original sender is an internal or external user to account for scenarios where a mail server is putting the forwarding address instead of the original sender's address in the From field. [Change 00188999] (6.46)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved an issue where email attachments started being listed at the top of Case Comments twice when an email was received by E2CP. [Change 00184527] (6.29)
  • Attachments will no longer build up on the top of the case description when additional comments with attachments are received. This was also related to a change in 6.23. [Change 00184867] (6.30)
  • Dragging and dropping a recipient on the Lightning New Comment page in Firefox will no longer result in a "modifications are not allowed for this document" error. [Change 00185010] (6.31)
  • Clicking off of the rich comment editor after making an edit in the new comment page will perform an auto-save in Firefox [Change 00185010] (6.31)
  • A security related update to the classic Timeline in 6.27 caused a Salesforce System Error for some messages when clicking the HTML Preview link and has been resolved. [Change 00185029] (6.32)
  • Copying a comment from the Comments list of the Lightning New Comment page and pasting into the rich comment editor will now preserve line breaks. [Change 00185053] (6.32)
  • Inserting an inline image when creating a Canned Comment will no longer result in an error. [Change 00185161] (6.33)
  • Fixed issue where preview email would add extra spaces between lines [Change 00185137] (6.35)
  • Opening the New Comment page in Lightning Console will no longer rename the case tab and display Loading for the New Comment Tab. [Change 00186051] (6.35)
  • The New Comment page will no longer fail to load in Lightning Console for some organizations. [Change 00186010] (6.36-6.37)
  • The E2CP Setup page will now load when there are inaccessible fields on Case such as managed fields with an expired package license. [Change 00186704] (6.39)
  • The LWC New Comment page will now respect the "Public Comments Send From (default)" setting for the Reply To address when Hybrid is enabled and there is no match on "Controlling Field" [Change 00187089] (6.40).
  • Comments added by community users will no longer unexpectedly clear the Most Recent Private Comment field. [Change 00187401] (6.42)
  • Fixed bug exposing email addresses from other cases in public broadcast, added case links for contact reminder on WSI New Comment page, skip owner emails for cases owned by a queue [Change 00187333] (6.42).
  • While using the lightning New Comment page and expanding the comments section, a "newComment.getElement is not a function" error should no longer occur in affected orgs [Change 00187492] (6.43).
  • The Blocked Email List setting will now save correctly in E2CP Setup [Change 00187610] (6.43)
  • The Lightning New Comment page has been updated to respect the Knowledge Base URL override field on Case [Change 00187635] (6.43).
  • While using the lightning new comment page and clicking on a notification to view an inbound comment will no longer display an error message for the first comment on the case. [Change 00187954] (6.44)
  • Fixed an issue in 6.43 where Knowledge Links and Solutions did not merge in canned comments when no other merge fields are included [Change 00187991] (6.44).
  • Additional Recipients loaded on the Lightning New Comment page from the case will now respect the Exclude List setting [00188152] (6.45) 
  • Removed chatter dependency that was unintentionally introduced in 6.38 with the new Widespread Issues feature. [Change 00188814] (6.45)

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