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Email to Case Premium Release Notes 6.46.1 - 6.48

What's New


  • When searching for new recipients to add, the New Comment page will now prioritize Contacts matching the Account associated with the Case. [Change 00189970] (6.48)
  • A new setting has been added to hide the Inline Image option from the Enhanced Comment Editor on the New Comment page. This change was made for organizations for wish to refrain from sending out inline images that result in publicly accessible links. [Change 00189252] (6.48)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved upgrade issue for Orgs with chatter disabled by removing chatter dependencies on the new Widespread Issues feature. [Change 00189728] (6.46.2)
  • Resolved issue where emails processed via Email to Case Premium would result in a "URLDecoder: Illegal hex characters in escape (%) pattern" error message. [Change 00189696] (6.47)
  • Resolved issue where clicking Save/Send on the New Comment page would result in an infinite spinning page load. [Change 00189663] (6.47)
  • Resolved issue where required dependent fields on the New Comment page maintained their required status even when no values were applicable. [Change 00189350] (6.48) 
  • Resolved issue where uploading a file on the classic New Comment page would through a javascript remoting error. [Change 00189747] (6.48)
  • Resolved issue where removing recipients on the New Comment page would sometimes result in duplicate draft comments being saved. [Change 00189562] (6.48)

Known Issues


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