Email to Case Premium Release Notes 7.14 - 7.17

What's New

  • Three new settings for Auto-Add New Contact / Lead have been added to allow disabling the functionality when a case was not created by E2CP as well as the option to disable automatic lead assignment. [Change 00191877] (7.14)
  • A new Send Case Ownership Notifications on Field Updates setting has been added so that case owners can be notified when the Owner is updated when sending a comment on the lightning New Comment page. [Change 00191763] (7.15)


  • The Lightning New Comment page has been updated so that once an email template is manually selected that auto-selection rules will no longer override the user selection. [Change 00191176] (7.14)
  • Timeline now respects the timezone on the User Profile rather than the local device for consistency with the rest of the standard UI. [Change 00192583] (7.14)
  • The Lightning New Comment page will now display "Save Comment" instead of "Save & Send Comment" when there are no recipients. [Change 00191372] (7.15)
  • The Lightning New Comment page has been updated to fully support help text display for field updates [Change 00192787] (7.15)
  • Sending a comment will now refresh utility bar components. [Change 00193192] (7.17)

Bugs Fixed

  • Updated setup pages to prevent the "Inbound Email Address" | "Generate Addresses" button from creating duplicate email service addresses on double click [Change 00190785] (7.14)
  • Updated the lighting setup page so that the Controlling Field Hybrid checkbox displays the correct value after a page refresh. [Change 00192583] (7.14)
  • New Cases created as a result of the Time Closed Until New Case setting will no longer result in a blank Case description. [Change 00192697] (7.15)
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 6.50 where the initial case comment unexpectedly had the thread truncated from the case description. [Change 00192734] (7.15)
  • Text pasted into the rich text editor of the Lightning New Comment Page will now preserve blank lines in the email preview and outbound email message. [Change 00193057] (7.16)
  • While broadcasting a Widespread Issue the 50 recipient limit will now be enforced across individual cases instead of incorrectly applying across all case recipients. [Change 00193116] (7.16)
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 7.0 where having the main routing address defined in Inbound Email Addresses | To Address would break email routing for the other user-friendly forwarding addresses. [Change 00193126] (7.16)
  • Automation around Case Owner should no longer get reverted back to the original Owner when using the Lightning New Comment page. [Change 00193444] (7.17)

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