Email to Case Premium Release Notes 7.18 - 8.12

What's New

  • A new "Owner for Closed Case Updates" setting has been added to complement the existing "Status for Closed Case Updates" option with an ownership change in addition to re-opening the case. [Change 00190748] (7.19)


  • Pagination controls have been added to the top of Timeline to reduce the need for scrolling to the bottom to go to the next page when there are multiple pages of comments. [Change 00194188] (7.19).
  • The Time Closed until New Case Creation setting will now respect Update variation criteria. [Change 00192318] (7.19).
  • While drafting a comment on the Lightning New Comment page draft attachments can now be sorted by File Name, Created Date, and Size. [Change 00194571] (8.1)
  • Making changes in E2CP Setup and navigating away will now prompt to save changes. [Change 00195016] (8.11).

Bugs Fixed

  • The Lightning New Comment page has been updated to avoid a scenario where a draft comment is sometimes created at the time that a comment is sent. [Change 00194126] (7.18)
  • Resolved issue where the Map Lead to Case configurations wasn't being respected. [Change 00194337] (7.18)
  • Resolved issue where inbound email attachments were being inserted twice. [Change 00194229] (7.18)
  • Broadcasting from a Widespread Issue with more than 25 cases should no longer result in an Unable to Obtain Exclusive Access error. [Change 00194853] (8.1).

Known Issues


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