Exchange forwarding for Email to Case Premium


How to configure your Exchange server to forward to cases to Email to Case Premium in Salesforce


By configuring your on premises Exchange server to forward messages to Salesforce you can allow your client/customers to send their cases to an address within your email domain.  This article will show you how to create an address in your on premises Exchange server that will correctly forward to your Salesforce Org.  The instructions below show Exchange 2010, but will be similar for Exchange 2007 as well.  To begin you should have already configured an Email Service to use with email to case.  You can locate this address or create one by going to the Initial Setup page 1 of Email to Case Premium Setup Wizard..  It will be similar to this:
  • Open the Exchange Management Console for your Exchange Server.
  • Browse to the Recipient Configuration section and Mail Contact.  Right click on Mail Contact and choose "New Mail Contact" from the menu.
    Create New Contact
  • Choose "New Contact" from the next screen. Click Next.  If you would like to place the contact in a particular Organizational Unit you can do so from the next screen. Enter a First Name, Last Name and Alias.  
    User-added image
  • Click on the Edit Button (with the Pencil) next to External e-mail address.  On the resulting dialog enter the SMTP address that you created in salesforce.
    User-added image
  • Click OK.  Click Next on the New Mail Contact Dialog, click New and then Click Finish.  You should now see your newly added address in the contact list for Exchange.
  • Now we need to add a distribution group to forward to the new contact.  Right click on Distribution Group under Recipient Configuration and choose New Distribution Group.
    User-added image
  • Choose to create a New Group and click Next
    User-added image
  • Choose Distribution for the group type.  Enter a Name and an Alias.  The Alias will be the email address in this format {Alias}
    User-added image
  • Click Next and then Click New.  You can then Click Finish to complete the creation of the group.
  • Find your newly created group in the list and right click on it.  Choose Properties from the list.
  • Go to the Members tab and add your newly created contact.
    User-added image
This completes the configuration.  Any emails sent to the distribution group you created will be forwarded to the email service you created in salesforce.

Mail server configuration may be specific to your business requirements.  We recommend you consult with your IT provider or IT department when making any changes to your server configuration.  Please note, this KB article is provided as-is and management of your internal email environment is not supported by Internet Creations.


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